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2010 summed up

This year has been full of all kinds of emotion; happy, sad, overwhelming, depressed and a lot more. Full of ups and downs. At the start of the year I was suppose to get married to a military man someone I had dated for almost three years, turned out he cheated on me and left […]


Closing of one chapter

I have been wanting to write a real blog entry for sometime. A entry about how I am really doing. I finally found someone that wants to be with me, share his life with me. He wants me around his friends and him. He doesn’t care how people feel about us. He loves me no […]

Happy 22nd Birthday

Originally uploaded by ibbanginghippos Happy birthday to muh Kyle. He turned 22 today. I already gave him his gifts days ago. . .well, right at a week ago because I can’t wait for anything. lol. I want to cook him a good dinner tonight and maybe a cake. Also, on this great day the weather […]

If we can’t agree, we can agree to disagree. Or we can do this:

Someone who cuts will never understand the pain his/her friends feel. Someone who tells his/her friend to cut will never understand why they can’t stop. Someone who got an abortion will never understand why it was such a big deal to the pro-lifers. Someone who is a pro-lifer will never understand the hard choice the […]