If we can’t agree, we can agree to disagree. Or we can do this:

Someone who cuts will never understand the pain his/her friends feel.

Someone who tells his/her friend to cut will never understand why they can’t stop.

Someone who got an abortion will never understand why it was such a big deal to the pro-lifers.

Someone who is a pro-lifer will never understand the hard choice the woman had to make to get the abortion.

Someone who is homosexual will never understand why “it’s not right”.

Someone who says “it’s not right” will never understand that love is love.

Someone who is addicted to drugs will never understand why his/her friends won’t leave them alone.

Someone who is trying to get their friend off drugs will never understand the strong addiction.

Someone who is heartbroken will never see that the relationship needed to end.

Someone who broke a heart will never understand what it felt like to lose the relationship.

Source: katygotyourtongue.tumblr.com

By Jenn

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