I love this time of year

The reason being, not only do I get my school money back plus tax money. Between Kyle’s school money, mine and our taxes we will have around $8,000ish. XD That makes Jenn happy. lol

I have been wanting a new computer forever but just didn’t have the money. Last year with my tax I got a new laptop due to going to school I needed a good one. So this year is the year for a new desktop. I am so happy. I ordered it this morning. With shipping a total of $731. It has liquid cooling system, 8GB RAM, 1.5TB hard drives (1TB + 500GB), a Quad-Core CPU and a 1GB video card. I won’t have to upgrade for a while. I am so in love with this computer. I can not wait for it!! <3 I sucks I have to wait for shipping but it is a custom build. I am so happy. And in a few days we are getting our new bed and stuff. Best time of the year!