Life never stops

As always life has not stopped. Both Kyle and I have been so busy we haven’t had time to breathe. Between the semester coming to an end, registering for summer and fall classes. Trying to keep the house and yard stuff done. I don’t remember my own name. I can’t wait til the end of May to happen. My Cammie will be here for a short but needed vacation on both our parts. I need a big dose of my BFF so bad.

I’m worried about summer classes. If I don’t get a loan or a grant. I won’t be able to take the one class I need to stay on my two year degree path. If I don’t get it in, then I will be a whole year behind. Because the classes I need for the fall all depend on the one summer class. And the classes in the fall are only offered in the fall in classroom. I can take them in the spring but online only. I really don’t like the idea of taking program languages online. That is a classroom kind of class. lol

BTW, I am using a pre-made theme from DearAgony.Org. I really do like this layout but I might change the colors up. I don’t know yet. But always glad to get a new look plus it was pretty easy to throw up. 🙂 So thank you Vicky.

I did make supper tonight. Homemade beef-stew. Very yummy. I did all the house work and now I think it is time to shower before I talk Kyle in to coming to bed. XD Night work.

2 thoughts on “Life never stops

  1. Sorry things have been so busy for you. 🙁 I would hate that; I hate not having any time to myself.

    I hope you manage to get a loan or a grant for your class! It’s totally different here so I’m a bit confused, heh.

    Good luck though!

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