Refund like a boss

In February Kyle and I bought a front loading washer and dryer and a new double pillow top queen size mattress. We had them delivered by hhgregg it cost $69.99 to do so but we was suppose to get it back in the form of a rebate. Well, here it is June and we still hadn’t got the rebate back. I was a little upset for the reason they didn’t give us the rebate. Reasons being: we didn’t spend enough (we spent over $2,000), second reason can’t send to a PO box (I gave them both the PO box and are street address on the form), then the last reason was I didn’t fill out the store number (I sent in the original sales receipt with the store number on it).

So, while in town I went by hhgregg and talk to one of the sales people and now we got our $69.99 back. πŸ™‚ Like a boss. Now, Kyle and I can go on a nice date with friends.

True story. πŸ˜€

By Jenn

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  1. Yea we’re still waiting on a few rebates ourselves, but we’re not to worried about it (although it would be nice to have that money for bills). I think companies just don’t wanna give up the dough, ya know?

    Glad you got your money back though πŸ™‚

  2. good job! This definitely reminds me I have a refund to send in on my new phone. I hate refunds, they’re so annoying, why can’t they just give youa discount to begin with? WHY?

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