More entries

As a result of me trying to blog more I have been scheduling more entries. Most of the entries that I am scheduling are picture memes but never the less they are entries about things I love or have something to do with. I am trying to blog at least every other day or so. I know, I really don’t have that much to say but really I do. Sometimes I fear about blogging due to someone finding my blog. I do have my real name on here and Google pulls my stuff very quickly now a days. Thanks Google. 😉

I have a couple things I am going to blog about shortly. Not tonight because well, I’m tired but I will leave you with a hint of it. The hint will be this; a post I made on Google+ tonight.

Someone’s status on facebook read “So tired of bitches in my life. F@#k off!” and my first thought was to type “Some bitches don’t need to date sex offender while children in the home.” But I didn’t because I don’t cause drama on Facebook. lol

Now I know you want to come back for more. Hahaha. <- That was suppose to be in a evil laugh. I'm just saying. BTW, I am normally not a drama queen but I do have a lot to say about this one subject that has to deal with this person and her family. Only because I was so close to being apart of this family. Does that make sense? Well, I am rambling and it’s 1am. I think my bed is calling my name, very soon.