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Suck Daddy

December 29

I have more things I would like to do right now to the site but as of now it is moved from Godaddy (AKA Suck Daddy)  😀   to the wonderful NameCheap.Com. I do believe it is time to go find something to snack on and read my nook. I have a book just calling my name.

Puppy Love

December 28
Puppy Love: Spunky

Puppy Love: Spunky

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Merry Christmas. . .or whatever you do for the holidays

December 26

(Picture includes left to right: Kyle, Alex, Erka, Grey, Me and Melvin taking the picture. Taken on Christmas Eve!

It is 7 minutes before Christmas is over and I am a very happy and lucky girl. I have an amazing husband, wonderful family, this includes his family as well and our perfect friends. We are very luck for everything and everyone. I don’t say it enough but I am so thankful.

I hope everyone got what they wanted and got to spend the day / holidays with someone they love. Life is to damn short to be unhappy.

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PhotoHunt: Surprise

December 24
Taste like!

Surprise I was drunk! lol. (2008)

PS: If you ask what I was doing. I was making a comment something about the snozberries taste like snozberries.


Dual love

December 21
Love! My Computer!

Love! My Computer!

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