Day: April 25, 2012

Photo a day April 2012

Looking down #photoadayApril

Looking down: Photo A Day Challenge (Me sitting at a coffee shop with muh Cammie while visiting NY in 2010.)

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Random note

Random thought: 134643

Why move back when you can keep running from everything you left? Just saying. I have so much angry right now for this person. No respect for herself or others. It takes a bigger person to face their problems / issues then it does to run from them. #imjustsaying /end rant two tonight

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Daily life

Life is happening right before my eyes

OMG, this is the second time I am typing out this entry due to my server just stop responding, then throwing a “Database Error” then when I click back it just has nothing shown and WordPress hasn’t “auto saved”. Almost every night around this time this happens. I am starting to get upset by this […]

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