WHY, WHY. . .because it’s me. . .

Here I am again blogging on Evernote because my blog won’t load. All my other sites load, so I know it’s not my server. It’s an issue on my end. I have done everything I can think of but it’s really starting to get old. We pay extra to have faster internet and half the time it doesn’t work at all or it’s slower then what we would be paying for “regular” speed internet. I am so mad because we pay $49.99 a month. That isn’t cheap.

What is really messed up? I can visit my site with a proxy and it shows fine, I can ping it, shows online. I go to it just in a normal browser, shows Server not found. WTF??? :-((

I guess I will work on another domain. I bought jennifer-cowles.me and got jennifer-cowles.org free with a NameCheap.Com promo going on the month I got married. (November of last year) Oops! I know what I want to do with it. Make it my portfolio, with resume and all. I have all these wonderful ideas but never no time to do it. I have to turn in one more page of homework and do one more test for my SQL class tonight. Then I will be done with it, then take one last test in my Data-Driven Design class Monday. Then this semester is done with. Shit, I have my math final but whatever. I am almost done. There is light at the end of this semester.

reminder: find out how to speed up Firefox or get a new browser like ASAP. I am sick and tired of every time I go to load a page, it freezes and waits about 30 secs or longer depending on it’s own sweet time. Then it un-freezes and decides to work. WTF? WHY? WHY would you do this to me???

/end reminder

I want to upload my #photoadayapril photos and start doing quotes every Tuesday again. Maybe I can get some together tonight.

Also, I am really enjoying using Evernote. I have had it downloaded for months now. Using it for this or that but it works nice for times like these. I can write, it saves the time, entry, title and I can just copy/paste it over. Edit the time in WordPress and move on. I can add tags and all. I am in love all over again. Score one for Jenn.

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