Sorry but not sorry

Nothing personal but I truly feel if you have to live off government assistance then most likely you don’t need another kid. If you don’t work, and you have to ask other people for money all the time, you don’t need another kid. If you live at home, because you can’t afford to live anywhere else because you have so many kids, you don’t need another kid. I’m just saying.

When ladies find out they are pregnant and you can’t spell pregnant correctly, don’t post about it. It makes me want to hit you in the face. Also, if you find out and you don’t know who the baby daddy is walk away. I am going to hit you in the face.

I am truly happy for people that are finding out they are pregnant. I have a friend that is buying her own house, married and both of them work. I am super happy for them. But Kyle’s sister pisses me off. She is on and off again with “baby daddy” 90% of the time. She just now started working again. Rents, doesn’t even own her car, is always borrowing money or asking for a hand out. Gets food stamps and K-chip (government medical help since she is a “single mom”) which is bullshit. She isn’t. She lives with her boyfriend. He already has two kids by two different women. She has a son by a different man. I have no reason to be happy about her train wreck. Sorry but not sorry.