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Originally uploaded by ibbanginghippos Happy birthday to muh Kyle. He turned 22 today. I already gave him his gifts days ago. . .well, right at a week ago because I can’t wait for anything. lol. I want to cook him a good dinner tonight and maybe a cake. Also, on this great day the weather […]

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picnikfile_BoyLQi Originally uploaded by ibbanginghippos Here is mine and Kyle’s new dog, Spunky. We get to pick him up Wednesday after he gets fixed. I can’t wait to get him. So, cute! We got him from the Humane Society. We saved a life. 😀 Anyway, this is a new domain. I am using a pre-made […]

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Originally uploaded by ibbanginghippos This was our (Kyle and I) first Thanksgiving together. I am so happy at the moment and have been since we started dating. I haven’t been this happy in forever feels like but I know all the past hurt has been all leading up to something great, that something great being […]

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