Something you drew #photoadayApril

April 20
Something you drew

Something you drew

Something you drew: Photo A Day Challenge (My drawing of my chest tattoo I took to my tattoo artist! 😀 I didn’t do to bad. Since I can’t draw at all. lol)

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Something you don’t like #photoadayApril

April 17
Something you don't like

Something you don’t like

Something you don’t like: Photo A Day Challenge (Surprisingly enough I hate needles but I love my tattoos. So, I picked a picture of me getting my chest worked on.)

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Tiny #photoadayApril

April 5


Tiny: Photo A Day Challenge (The tiny heart on my ring finger that I got tattooed a few weeks back. It’s the little things that mean more than the world to me.)

Color #photoadayapril

April 2


Color: Photo A Day Challenge (Kyle getting his tattoo colored in)

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The over due list

March 28


This month like every other month is super busy. This that happen:

  • March 9th: My mom’s 50th birthday. Had a family dinner and cake at my house
  • March 13th: Got my tattoo touched up and another added to my left rib cage
  • March 16th: Caroline’s 14th birthday. Went to her party
  • March 16th & 17th: We went to TN rented a hotel for the night, got up the next morning and went to one of our friends wedding PS: I love mini-road trips with my husband.
  • March 24th: Friends had grill out and game night
  • March 29th: (tomorrow) Kyle gets the rest of his arm finished up. Tattoos for all!

Also, I ordered a pretty nice camera from Toys R Us should be getting that in the mail any day. Which means I need to renew my Flickr account now.

As you can see from my list I am busy. This doesn’t include my 30 hour work week nor full time college student nor full time wife. 😛 But would I change at thing. . .never!

Also, this is wordless Wednesday; so here is a picture!!

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