21Dec   Dual love

Love! My Computer!

Love! My Computer!

13Sep   Dropbox

I have learned of a new site called Dropbox it is amazing. Super easy. Apps for iPhone or Android. All you do is go to the website, sign up and you get 2GB of free space. You can access your stuff from anywhere at anytime. I love it. It works great for school. Thanks to my Cammie showing it to me. I have it hooked up so I can keep track of all my school stuff. And pictures from my phone. Totally cool and random!!

3Sep   Putting stuff off

It’s not secret about how much I love calendars and organizers. I have a color for each bill date, for school projects and even birthdays and paydays. I am so silly about it. I have a Google Calendar, an organizer for school/bills and one just for my bedroom. 😀 Does that make me a dork? I am so scared I am going to forget a bill or something like that. As many places as I keep it written down you wouldn’t think I would but sometimes it happens. Normally it is either the trash bill or something like that. Nothing major like elector or water. Hehe. But I am sure I would if I didn’t have it all written down all the different places. I even have my Google Calendar synced with my phone. See where I am going with this.

But I don’t think I could live without these things. I have to have everything organized. I think it goes back to the way my mother did things, which is lets leave all the bills in the truck and let them stack up until I think I should pay them, not when they are due. She pays her bills but because she hoards them back they are always late. Normally she forgets the cable bill which has lead to them not even having cable anymore because she let it go so long. She always ends up paying more for things due to the fact she just won’t call to handle them. It’s a very ugly cycle. I hate it.

Kyle says I’m bad about putting stuff off when it comes to calling about information. This is kind of true. I hate hate hate being on hold or waiting to talk to customer service. I think this is because I use to work customer service. I know how the people feel on the other end of the phone. Which makes me be way nicer and sometimes not being rude when it calls for it. Being rude is normally the only way some companies will get done what you need to get done. You know? I hate to say that too.

25Aug   3x Thurs­day – What Job. . .

3x Thurs­day – What Job. . .

1. What job would you like to do the most (pay doesn’t matter)? Web design. I love everything about it.

2. What job would you *not* like to do the most? Trash man, flip burgers. . .anything besides the above job.

3. What job would you like to try? Something in the business world. I love numbers. . . 🙂

7Jul   Update on life

So many things to talk about. Where do I start. . .umm. . .well, Oral Communications is going okay, not sure how I feel about it but it’s okay. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. I think I am doing okay in the class far as a grade but I really don’t know because I don’t have anything graded.

I am selling my netbook and my nook so I can buy a nook color. I am in the process of being without the netbook now. I kind of miss it but since summer started I have picked it up maybe twice. Not a big deal. Just something else to keep track of.

I had a job interview today at 1pm for ShopNBC. It is another call center but I am hoping it is different than AFNI. I know it does pay more. It starts out at $10.20 hourly + more if you have worked in a call center before. 😀 Which I have. They said they will call or send you a letter letting you know one way or the other. But I have good faith. My friend Lance that I worked with at AFNI is a trainer there and said he put in a really good word for me. *crosses fingers* He said he already put his approve on it. Which is awesome. It is 3:30 – Midnight. That works out great, I get out of class around 2:50pm during the fall. I am going to be tired but we could really use the money. I know it’s only part-time. All I really wanted anyway. Kyle’s check is enough to pay the bills so I don’t have to work but it doesn’t really leave anything extra for us. So, I want to help us out. I am truly looking forward to getting a paycheck again.

Well, I worked on a project for a friend already, I looked up school info for another friend that doesn’t have internet. I went shopping for groceries and had a job interview. I am tired.

PS: I also love the new dashboard for WP. Very nice. Random.

Goodnight world. Have a lovely night.