23May   Angry Birds

Chrome.AngryBirds.Com – angry birds right in your browser.

22Mar   Girls who Geek

Girls who Geek – A wonderful website for all your coding needs!! <3

1Feb   I love this time of year

The reason being, not only do I get my school money back plus tax money. Between Kyle’s school money, mine and our taxes we will have around $8,000ish. XD That makes Jenn happy. lol

I have been wanting a new computer forever but just didn’t have the money. Last year with my tax I got a new laptop due to going to school I needed a good one. So this year is the year for a new desktop. I am so happy. I ordered it this morning. With shipping a total of $731. It has liquid cooling system, 8GB RAM, 1.5TB hard drives (1TB + 500GB), a Quad-Core CPU and a 1GB video card. I won’t have to upgrade for a while. I am so in love with this computer. I can not wait for it!! <3 I sucks I have to wait for shipping but it is a custom build. I am so happy. And in a few days we are getting our new bed and stuff. Best time of the year!

23Apr   What started out

to be a good day, ended not so good. Thursdays are not my day. I went to work, everything went well. It was pay day. Which is always a good thing. I went and got pizza for me and my dad. He help me bring the two trash cans around to the front of the trailer and place them up at the top of the drive way for pick up. I had cleaned all night Wednesday. Trying to get my BIG to do list done.

I had started the office. Which is on my to do list as well. Dad had taken around all my storage totes and placed them in my building out back. I really thought it was going good. I clean up part of my yard yesterday before I went to get this awesome computer desk that was given to me.

Mom and I picked it up. Stop by got my dad so he could help move it in to the trailer. Didn’t work out. We ended up breaking it before we could even get it half way in to the office. We tried everything. I haven’t felt this defeated in a long time. This was the next step in making my office in to a guess room / office. I wanted the corner desk so I could place a small bed in there as well. The bed would really help since my nieces and Cody’s little brothers spend the night often.

I just cried. Which is really stupid once I sat down and thought about it but I was so upset. I just wanted this to work so bad. I could finally have a nice desk to use. My desk I have now is so beat up. No, I hadn’t had it very long but I moved three times since I had it. And it now is very wobbly and I want a good desk. Something to hold up to my normal everyday life, plus kids, plus two cats. I don’t think I am asking for to much. Probably am. *sad face* 🙁

Anyway, I hope to still be getting myself a new desk in the next week or so. I really want to clean my office. Get my shit together because coming this fall I will be starting college. Just have one more thing I need to do before I can register for classes. I can’t wait. So, in return I really need a nice area to study and do home work. 🙂 I am so happy about that, at least.

Maybe this Saturday or Sunday I can go and get one. Dad said he would put it together in the office, so we wouldn’t have to worry about it being moved or placed anywhere else because Cody and I plan on staying in this trailer for a few more years anyway. Since it is paid for.

20Apr   My BIG to do list

I know everyone is tired of hearing me talk about how happy I am because I am sick of reading it myself, and it’s my blog. So, I thought I would write about things that has to get done or things that need to be done before Cody gets home. Here is to my big to do list. This includes online and offline.

Online stuff isn’t as important to get done but I would like for them to be done before Cody gets home since that means I can spend more time with him and not behind a computer. XD I guess I will break the list down from offline (Inside and outside) and online (projects and just wants).

This list is more for me to know what needs to be done and not really for you guys but you’re more than welcome to keep track. OMG, I am so sorry I am this boring. Here goes:

To Do List:

  • Offline:
    • Inside:
      • Organize office desk (check!)
      • Organize books on both book shelves
      • Organize bedroom closet
      • Organize all photos on my desktop/laptop to folders to make it easier to upload them (check!)
    • Outside:
      • Clean up where the building sits (check!)
      • Clean up back porch (check!) and under back porch
      • Clean up back yard (check!)
      • Clean up top of yard
      • Clean up under trailer
  • Online:
    • Finish making WT a new style (test run)
    • Upload new gallery script to Vibrantly to make it more of a gallery and less like a photoblog.
    • Add some new features to here (check!)
    • Change Crazy Talks layout
    • Do something with Muffin Queen, maybe a photoblog

This list totally makes me sound like I have the worst outside living area ever, but really it’s small things that has been put off for to long. It all has to be done in sections which makes it sound a lot bigger but maybe I can get some help from Cody’s little brothers.