Broke but happy

June 20

Here while back on twitter I posted:

I can’t remember the last time I was this broke & at the same time I couldn’t tell you the last time I was this happy either.

And it hasn’t been truer. I have no job, living from Kyle’s pay check to his next and always waiting on school money it seems but I haven’t been happier. I love him so much. No matter what we have each other. It really is a nice feeling. We have food, a roof over our heads and clothes. We don’t go out and do a lot of things but we do do a lot of things together. Right now we are watching Weeds together every night. Trying to catch up on all of them. We are waiting on Dexter to come out. We sit in our office and play on the computer. We play games on Xbox or Wii. The little things mean more to me then going out every week end or something like that.You know?

Anyway, just a random post. Good night moon!

Happy and sadness

May 30

So much to blog about but so little time. Cammie will be there THIS Thursday. I can not wait. We have so much to do. We are getting inked the night she flies in. Then who knows what else. I am looking so forward to the end of this week.

Tomorrow is going to be a sad day. My great aunt Betty died Sunday morning sometime. I wasn’t super close with her but she was my grandmother’s sister. I need to be at the funeral home for her.

This week is full of happy and sadness. We all deal with death in our own ways. I hope my grandmother will be okay. It was her last remaining living sister. Which has to be even harder.

Mother’s day 2011

May 11
Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

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Random Facts

May 10

About Me. hehe. XD Just a random post because I’m bored. I love those.

  • I love texting but I forget to text back all the time.
  • I love getting snail mail / email but yet again I forget or hate to write back.
  • I don’t really like talking on the phone with people that I see on a daily/weekly basics.
  • I love my netbook but I miss a full laptop. . .sometimes.
  • I love my nook but now I want a tablet and I might end of selling it because the tablet does more. 🙁
  • I love my iPod but I hate my iPhone.
  • No real reason why I hate my iPhone.
  • I’m a windows girl from way back but I might try to buy a Mac this year.

Okay, enough of random fact 101 of me.

Life never stops

April 22

As always life has not stopped. Both Kyle and I have been so busy we haven’t had time to breathe. Between the semester coming to an end, registering for summer and fall classes. Trying to keep the house and yard stuff done. I don’t remember my own name. I can’t wait til the end of May to happen. My Cammie will be here for a short but needed vacation on both our parts. I need a big dose of my BFF so bad.

I’m worried about summer classes. If I don’t get a loan or a grant. I won’t be able to take the one class I need to stay on my two year degree path. If I don’t get it in, then I will be a whole year behind. Because the classes I need for the fall all depend on the one summer class. And the classes in the fall are only offered in the fall in classroom. I can take them in the spring but online only. I really don’t like the idea of taking program languages online. That is a classroom kind of class. lol

BTW, I am using a pre-made theme from DearAgony.Org. I really do like this layout but I might change the colors up. I don’t know yet. But always glad to get a new look plus it was pretty easy to throw up. 🙂 So thank you Vicky.

I did make supper tonight. Homemade beef-stew. Very yummy. I did all the house work and now I think it is time to shower before I talk Kyle in to coming to bed. XD Night work.