Stressed To Kill

I swear I’m going to go nuts. Noir said that I can’t ride with her to the ACT….I started crying. It never seems to end this week. I’m just glad I have got a school trip tomorrow. I don’t have to see my chem 1 teacher. That’s what I’m happy about it. : ) I hate that man sometimes.

See people I did hold out my promises. I did plug you!! =) *gives rainbow a hand* Thanks for all the good comments. And since Gwen doesn’t have a site right now, I want to thank her too!

OMG, the sky is so PRETTY right now. Its this really pretty pink and sky blue. Its right before it gets dark and I haven’t seen it that color before. I like it!! I wish I had web cam, I would take a picture. =)

I am tried, I need a bath, my fingers hurt and my life SUCKS so bad!!!! I really need to get out of my home town. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. The walls are closing in and I can’t get out!! Someone save me, please!!