NEW layout

I talked to my band teacher about all the shit going on with the freshmen. I think that he is going to take my side on this. =) Thank GODDESS!!

I hope you all see the NEW layout that I just put up! I think that it looks really good. I loved the koRn layout I had up but I needed something different. I really like the way I made this one as well. It doesn’t take to long of a time to load….I don’t think. I hope that it looks good on everyone’s computers. It would look best on 800 x 600 but I guess it looks good on whatever.

I got an email from Nikki today. =) That made me happy!! Also, I made up with the chick I was pissed at. I’m tried of fighting and it made it easier on all of us (Kitten, her and I). I am so tried. I need sleep…I think. lmao

I am looking for link exchanges and comments on the new layout! If you leave a comment on this entry then you will get plugged in the next. =) Promise!!

Off to bed for a goodnight of sleeping!