Band work & Breaking up for good

June 23

“Optimist or Pessimist? Do you call traffic signals go-lights?” — Unknown

I haven’t wrote in my blog like forever….I really should do it more often then I do but I have a small life….kind of.

Right now, I’m talking to Chase, Candice, and Jenni and Nikki just had to go about 10 mins. ago. She had to leave for work. =)

Kitten and I broke up….I believe that it was for the best….I know it hurts and all for the both of us. But I believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that this is just like that too.

I am working on a new layout….well, trying to find images to make a new layout…’s going to be a Boys Don’t Cry layout if I can find the right images to make it with. =)

I went to the band room today and helped clean. It was hard work but hey I helped. =)

I’m off.

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Crazy downloading & Chris

June 15

“God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” –Voltaire

And a thanks to Sheri….even if she doesn’t have a site….she still can be plugged…right!?!

First, I will answer Sheri. Honey, I haven’t been getting your emails, because if I had I would SO be emailing you back…girl, your the greatest so, why wouldn’t I write back!?!

Now, about the Faded Stars Designs….I don’t know…it would kind of be nice to have a network kind of thing here. I mean, I do have the F-S listing that I run here. I don’t know…..I will think about it. =)

I went shopping yesterday with Chris….it was so FUNNY. We left around 1 something pm and got back around 6:30 or so. He didn’t leave until 10:00pm.

I got a new fish when I went shopping yesterday. He/she is red and blue, very pretty. Herbert is it’s name……Chris said it was….so, I was like ‘okay, then….that’s it’s name’.

I got to fix his hair when we got back….it was great. I love being around him….I guess that’s why he is my best friend.

Nikki was suppose to come over today but she didn’t get too. =( I wanted her too. But she couldn’t. I will talk to her tonight on yahoo about it. I have a feeling she wanted to but couldn’t because of personal reasons.

I have to watch the girls tomorrow. What fun? RIGHT!!!

I have been downloading like crazy since last night. I have been downloading PSP brushes, fonts, and mp3s.

=) I love the net!! NOTE: If you have linked me and I didn’t know it….tell me….I will link you back

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Vacation and new layout

June 1

“I followed the purple hippos all away here….” –Unknown

I am going on vacation with my family this week so I won’t be able to update until this weekend. We are doing the whole family camping thing. What fun?

NEW layout. I hope you like…..It fits my mood nicely. Well, I think so.

Well, I could never be self-centered. Its not me. I use to sit in my room for hours crying, hoping my friends would notice me….notice how I had faded from them. Yet they never said a word, never noticed. I wished they had but they didn’t. But now as I have grown as a person. I have realized now that I love being me….no, matter how sad it gets. I still have some good moments. I know, I know…..I bitch about it all the time but hey, thats me. LOL

I have to finish packing tonight and then we leave tomorrow. I get to work on my “book” and read. I will be glad too. I have need to work on that stuff, for a while. I don’t know how I am going to live with out my computer a whole week. Mom said we might stop by the house long enough for me to check my mail. =) Which is a good thing and I get to go shopping too.

Nikki came over yesterday and we had a ball. It was fun. I love hanging out with that girl. 🙂 Later

I’m off. I want lots of comments and LOTS of emails.

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Hurt yourself…

May 5

“But I know whats its like to want to die. How it hurts to smile, how you try to fit in but you can’t. You hurt yourself on the outside to try to kill the things on the inside.” –Girl, Interrupted

I just got done with the dishes and cleaning up. I have picked up my room and now I’m just sitting here typing this up.

Nikki is going to get a car real soon. That means RIDES for Rainbow. =) Which is always good!

I put that little thing from Girl, Interrupted on this entry because I feel like that so often now. For the past two weeks there hasn’t been a day that I went to school without someone making me want to cry and be alone. Kitten seems to think its her but its not. I’m just don’t feel the same. I feel like maybe I just need that one good friend that loves me no matter what. Kitten just keeps saying that I do have those kind of friends and I just don’t know it. They are around me and I just don’t see it. Well, maybe….I can think of 2 people first off, One: Nikki and Two: Chris….Sometimes I think Chris lust after me more then anything. I know he is my “best” friend and all but sometimes he makes me wonder….I love the boy but just as a brother (he’s the brother my brother never was). And then Nikki….I’m not to sure how we became so close. It was something that just happen. I’m glad of it. I can run to her NO matter what and TELL her everything without the fear she will say something to someone or tell me something that I don’t need to hear. She will just tell me the truth and nothing more. I like that about Nikki. Thats what makes her….well, her. =)

Well, I have wrote a lot. I’m sure some lost soul is reading this right now…thinking…..right! I’m off to sleep, cry or think or something like that….

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April 20

God I HATE aol!!!

Nikki came over Friday night and we was just playing around on AOL chat rooms. Well, that really sucked because we got kicked off AOL, so now I have to call and get it turned back on but every time I call to get it turned back on, guess what? They aren’t taking calls right now. BULLSHIT free 24 Hr. customer service.

I went shopping Sat. with Lizzy-Bell. I got my shoes and how I want my hair done for prom. Also, got my nails done Friday. Contacts are a bitch to get out with long nails.

I got some great things for Easter. I got new sun shades, CANDY and other great things!!!!

Off to make a new layout for F-S.ORG.

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