Why Care Any More

January 9

“Take my advice, or I’ll spank you a lot.” — English subtitle used in a Hong Kong film

Today was a snow day from school. I was glad. I got a lot done. I moved some of my stuff back to mom’s house. I swear Chris and I have the worse luck. But everything will be okay. I swear it will be. I have hope and that’s all I need…wait, that’s all we need.

I put up a new layout. You like?

Don’t ask about my mood? I am going to write more about that tonight.

I’m off for right now…..later.

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June 22

“To some its a six-pack, to me it’s a Support Group.” — Anonymous

Well, I haven’t updated it a few days. I have been busy.

First, I was say to Gwen, my local mall is about 45 minutes. away from my house. I just say it’s local. LOL

I have been downloading music. I burned 2 or 3 CDs today. One for Christina and a couple just for me. I still have to burn one for my mom. But I have to download a couple more songs for her first.

I’m checking email right now…..last night Hotmail wouldn’t let me log in….it wouldn’t even load. I was like WTF?

Well, my mom got the bright idea for us to go out and get KFC and eat it at one of the local parks….do a “family” thing. Well, we did and it sucked.

Anyway…..I went to Chris’s house Saturday. It was fun. I got to meet his family and got to look at lots of his baby pictures. He was so cute.

Oh, yeah….my design site is up at Kinkie Kitty Designs. It is starting to look really really good. =)

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Crazy downloading & Chris

June 15

“God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” –Voltaire

And a thanks to Sheri….even if she doesn’t have a site….she still can be plugged…right!?!

First, I will answer Sheri. Honey, I haven’t been getting your emails, because if I had I would SO be emailing you back…girl, your the greatest so, why wouldn’t I write back!?!

Now, about the Faded Stars Designs….I don’t know…it would kind of be nice to have a network kind of thing here. I mean, I do have the F-S listing that I run here. I don’t know…..I will think about it. =)

I went shopping yesterday with Chris….it was so FUNNY. We left around 1 something pm and got back around 6:30 or so. He didn’t leave until 10:00pm.

I got a new fish when I went shopping yesterday. He/she is red and blue, very pretty. Herbert is it’s name……Chris said it was….so, I was like ‘okay, then….that’s it’s name’.

I got to fix his hair when we got back….it was great. I love being around him….I guess that’s why he is my best friend.

Nikki was suppose to come over today but she didn’t get too. =( I wanted her too. But she couldn’t. I will talk to her tonight on yahoo about it. I have a feeling she wanted to but couldn’t because of personal reasons.

I have to watch the girls tomorrow. What fun? RIGHT!!!

I have been downloading like crazy since last night. I have been downloading PSP brushes, fonts, and mp3s.

=) I love the net!! NOTE: If you have linked me and I didn’t know it….tell me….I will link you back

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Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

June 11

“If being sane is thinking there’s something wrong with being different…I’d rather be completely fucking mental.” –Angelina Jolie

First, I will answer Dave’s question. Vamp might not be having a blog anymore because her mother found hers and read what happen between her and I. Her mother won’t let her on the net right now and her mother was VERY upset with her. Vamp is trying to find a way back on but hasn’t been able to because of that and she is at her Auntie’s house (auntie = no computer).

Now, I like this layout but I don’t know. It’s just….I get so tried of layouts so fast. I don’t know why. I guess because I love to make them. NEW PAGES, I added a page with random web cam pictures and a page with pictures of my room done web cam style. lmao I got bored with the web cam.

I just got done watching The Crow. I LOVED IT!! I bought it the other day and I just now got around to watching it. I really did enjoy it. I have been busy today. I cleaned house, watched the girls and went to the post office with mom. Dad got his fishing rod in that he ordered 3 months ago but the bad news is that it has been run over, broke and everything. It’s kind of funny. I mean not for my dad but the whole thing is ironic. It’s so fucking funny. Everything in my house has irony to it. But that’s another story.

Band camp is less then a month away and I need to be practicing the piccolo. I haven’t got it down really good yet. I’m almost there. =) I will work my ass off a week before just to prove to everyone that I can do it. I haven’t been waiting 4 years just to get it to lose it to some under class men. Sorry, CJ (the girl one)…..I’m working hard to prove you and everyone else wrong….that I can do it. =) *smiles and then laughs evilly*

[edit]Also, I made a new wallpaper today, I plan on putting it up either tomorrow or the next day. Oh, and Chris is coming over Sat. I can’t wait. =) I haven’t seen him since school let out. I love my best friend!![/edit]

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New layout once again…

June 9

“I’m not normally a religious man, but if you’re up there, save me, Superman!” — Homer (The Simpsons)

Well, my ankle and toe still hurt very badly. I can’t feel my toe at all, I can’t move it. I think that I cut something really bad in it. ='( I’m scared that I have. Mom said if it isn’t any better but in the morning, I am going to the doctor. I guess that’s a plus. Well, I don’t know!?! lmao

I seen my brother for the first time in 3 months or more. I was happy to see him, glad that he was still alive. After everything that he has been doing and been through. I was just happy to see him.

NEW layout!! I hope you like. I can’t help but to change layouts. I wanted something new…something that went with my mood. Janeane Garofalo has been one of my favorite actress for sometime now. I love and respect her work very much. I think that she is all around a great person. And also Kitten looks like her. : ) lmao Leave a comment telling me what you think? To simple? To much? What?

I bought a new DVD today, The Craft and I bought the VHS of The Crow. I wanted it on DVD too but mom said when we find it on DVD we will buy it too and just have two copies. I was like ‘okay, cool beans’.

I don’t know if Vamp will be able to keep her blog after all of this crap going on. I really hope she can. Her and I haven’t been friends very long but I still love her to death. If you don’t know Vamp and I know each other in real life. =) She has become one of my closest friends.

Also, I got a letter from Chris last week sometime and I finally got around to writing him back tonight. I wrote like a three page letter talking about everything because I’m like that with him (he is my best friend, dude). I hope mom will mail it off tomorrow before or after work sometime.

Maybe, I might go to bed now…..I don’t have to watch Caroline and Meadow tomorrow and I don’t have anything else to do unless I go to the doctor, so I should be able to sleep in!!

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