Crazy downloading & Chris

“God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” –Voltaire

And a thanks to Sheri….even if she doesn’t have a site….she still can be plugged…right!?!

First, I will answer Sheri. Honey, I haven’t been getting your emails, because if I had I would SO be emailing you back…girl, your the greatest so, why wouldn’t I write back!?!

Now, about the Faded Stars Designs….I don’t know…it would kind of be nice to have a network kind of thing here. I mean, I do have the F-S listing that I run here. I don’t know…..I will think about it. =)

I went shopping yesterday with Chris….it was so FUNNY. We left around 1 something pm and got back around 6:30 or so. He didn’t leave until 10:00pm.

I got a new fish when I went shopping yesterday. He/she is red and blue, very pretty. Herbert is it’s name……Chris said it was….so, I was like ‘okay, then….that’s it’s name’.

I got to fix his hair when we got back….it was great. I love being around him….I guess that’s why he is my best friend.

Nikki was suppose to come over today but she didn’t get too. =( I wanted her too. But she couldn’t. I will talk to her tonight on yahoo about it. I have a feeling she wanted to but couldn’t because of personal reasons.

I have to watch the girls tomorrow. What fun? RIGHT!!!

I have been downloading like crazy since last night. I have been downloading PSP brushes, fonts, and mp3s.

=) I love the net!! NOTE: If you have linked me and I didn’t know it….tell me….I will link you back