I’m I crazy?

“Scientists say 1 out of 4 people are crazy. Check 3 of your friends, if they’re okay, you’re it.” –Bumper Sticker

Sometimes, I think that I am the crazy one of the group. lmao But really, not kidding. I do sometimes think that I’m crazy…..but that’s a different story. WAY different story.

Well, yet again I changed layouts. I know…I really should stop changing layouts. I can’t help it. I get so bored so fast. I put up a new wallpaper, added three new fan listings to the ‘Fan of…’ section, and added a new page, a past layout page to the ‘Domain’ section.

I am thinking about putting up some free layouts for people to use….some are layouts I have made and didn’t use and some are my past layouts. I don’t know if anyone would use them but I would added them if someone would want them. I think that they are good but I don’t know what everyone else thinks.

I like the new layout…..I think the lime green added color that was need to the whole layout and I think it looks good with the black. I made this today and thought ‘what the hell? why not?’ I love web sites…..=) Don’t we all love the net and are personal sites? I know I do!!

Anyway, I might be adding a new layout up to Day Dream. I know I need to add 2 members but I haven’t got around to that yet….I’m getting on it. I swear.

Dad is out fishing right now and mom has went to bed…..I am just sitting in my room with my pets (cat and dog). I really should put them out…..but they are so cute!! lol

I’m off!