Designs coming your way

“Shut your mouth you dirty slut / You know you want it in your butt” –D12, Purple Pills

I just put up Version 2.2 a little while ago. I REALLY REALLY love this layout. I love Queer as Folk. If you watch it you would get the little saying on the graphic. Brain and Justin has broke up and Brain changed the view but it still didn’t bring Justin back. But they are back together now! So, it’s all beans.

I was talking to my friend Kitty and I was talking about how I was going to ask her to host me for a designs site and I was just playing around about it but I wanted to open a designs site and she goes…..”How much space do you need?” I was like…..HELL yeah!! So, with in a month you should see a designs site run by me. For right now, all it will have is like free layouts and wallpapers and stuff like that. I don’t know about anything else yet.

Anyway, I was talking to Christina today and I was ranting about how some of these people that have domains and they don’t know ANYTHING about web site design….I mean, they have really shitty layouts and cheesy (sp?) like icons that don’t match anything on the site, let alone the layout they have up…..I’m thinking WTF? Why do they even have a site?

Well, I went to Cato’s today and got a new pair of pants and two new pairs of shoes. They was having a big sale.

I will be going shopping again tomorrow at the local mall because I have an eye doctor’s thing to go to at 9:00am and then another doctor’s thing to go to at 2:45pm. So, I am going to have more then enough time to shop!!! =) I <3 shopping!!