Band work & Breaking up for good

“Optimist or Pessimist? Do you call traffic signals go-lights?” — Unknown

I haven’t wrote in my blog like forever….I really should do it more often then I do but I have a small life….kind of.

Right now, I’m talking to Chase, Candice, and Jenni and Nikki just had to go about 10 mins. ago. She had to leave for work. =)

Kitten and I broke up….I believe that it was for the best….I know it hurts and all for the both of us. But I believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that this is just like that too.

I am working on a new layout….well, trying to find images to make a new layout…’s going to be a Boys Don’t Cry layout if I can find the right images to make it with. =)

I went to the band room today and helped clean. It was hard work but hey I helped. =)

I’m off.