I got hurt again…

“I once saw a clip from some midget pron..it was VERY VERY frightening…” –Christina 06.07.03

I hurt so bad right now. I fell down my stairs and cut my ankle and toe really bad. We didn’t go to the ER but we should have. I cut it deep too. I didn’t cry…that’s a plus, right? I’m always the one who is clam during that kind of thing.

Before that happen I was out on a boat with my dad, mom, Vamp, my dad’s boss and the two little girls (ages 5 & 3). Anyway, my dad’s boss paid me $10 to jump in the water and get wet. Well, I did. So, I got $10 to just be stupid. It was fun….the water wasn’t that cold. It could have been worse. You know?

Anyway, Vamp spent last night and the night before with me. And oh, her mom just came to pick her up. She found out about what happen between Vamp and I. She didn’t say anything to my mom and dad and she find out by her blog. So, now I don’t know if she will still be able to post on there or not. I hope she will be able too. Her mother said for her not to ask for me to come over and for her not to ask to come over here.

I’m off. In pain and wondering what Vamp is going to do.