Projects & I HATE camping

“You just have to gay up everything, don’t you?” –Unknown (some guy on ABC)

I made my dad take me home from the “vacation”. I hated it. Camping should be renamed “crapping”. lol Camping would be fun with anyone else’s family but mine. Trust me!! I hate my family sometimes.

Kitten keeps calling me off and on. I’m home alone and I’m trying to get her to drive to my house to see me. It sounds like so much fun. I haven’t seen her since school let out.

[edit] I got Kitten to try to drive to my house and she got caught. Her mom called my house and everything…..OMG…I can’t believe this. She said there was no way of her getting caught. GREAT!! I’m so worried. I hope she is okay.[/edit]

OMG, I am finally in the last year of school. OMG!! Its great. And after high school. I get to move out and go off to college. I can’t wait.

I want to thank everyone who left a comment or emailed me. =) Also, NOTE TO HOSTEES: If you don’t update your site(blog) at least 1st a week, you WILL be delete. I’m tried of visiting my wonderful hostees and seeing that the have updated but once since they have moved in. I understand that you have all lives. Hell, so do I but its really stupid to ask to be hosted and “try” to run a site if you don’t have time for it. I know that sometimes, I can’t update but I try. =) So, please try to update….that’s one of the rules to be hosted here. Don’t follow the rules you are deleted.

Anyway, on a little note. I took over the HBO Fan listing and I opened the Pink Floyd The Wall fan listing. I am running 4 projects and my site. I think that I’m doing good.

If you like to join listings, please go join F-S listings. I am looking for lots of members. I only have but a hand full right now. So, please go join. =)

Well, I’m going to go clean some more. Make my mom happy when she gets back.