Bubbles, Chris & Halloween

“Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk. It is walking toward me, without hurrying.” –Jean Cocteau

I went to Chris’s house last night and spent the night. I had fun. We took a bubble bath together and everything. It was great. I cooked him supper. It was funny.

Corey & Jennifer (his brother and his brother’s g/f) came over with their 3 kids. Well, their son Seth (2 1/2) wanted to stay there with Chris and I. I was like come on Seth, lets go in. And Corey goes ‘Go on it with Aunt Rainbow and Chris’. I was like OMG! I’m already the aunt. 😛 It was funny. Well, I mean I’m an aunt to someone else’s kids. My brother has 4 or 5 kids. (Long story…don’t ask why I don’t know how many)

I’m working on a new layout. I have been really lazy about putting one up because Chris was over here for a week and then I went to his house over the week end and today I have been just fucking around.

Chris wants to get married next Halloween. Which I want to, yet I don’t….long story…you know what… I’m going to just stop typing now….