Sexy & What If….

“Tell yourself, I’ve seen worse at Rutledge’s. Prevarication, in this instance, may help.” –Cheshire Cat, American McGee’s Alice

I am so bored.

Like the new layout? I do…I love it and I’m sure Chris is going to love it as well. I think it fits my mood. LOL (Long story, don’t ask…okay?)

I’m going to Chris’s tomorrow. 🙂 I can’t wait. I love him! I love spending time with him and yes, I know I shouldn’t get married to him right away…and I have some many ‘what ifs’ running around in my head right now about it. But Chris and I love each other yet…I don’t know….he would freak if he knew I was having ‘what ifs’…I think I will talk to him about it tomorrow night. Since we always end up talking for about 4 hours before we fall a sleep together.

Anyway…I guess I better go. Later Tater