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More BullShit & Bored

January 30

“Life’s a puzzle. I just feel like I’m missing a piece.” –Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I thought I ought to write a more of a blog entry, seeing how the last one was about 60 words talking about how pissed I was.

Today was another day. Sheri spent the night last night. Her father came and picked her up today around 10am. I had to watch the girls today while mom went to work. Dad came home around noon. So, I didn’t have watch them for to long. I am bored out of my mind. I swear. I added a few new smilies. I also just tried to make my comments non-pop ups. I hoped it worked. I am going to check it after I post my entry. That is the only way to check anything with B2 because other wise it won’t show at all. Stupid Cookies! LOL But any who….

Chris and his “family” had a talk last night. He is suppose to get more “freedom” now since Tony told Ronda if she doesn’t let him, that he (Tony) was going to leave her. But I think he really is in on it with her. I mean this stupid shit has to stop. I mean Ronda will make Chris go all the way down stairs to get the TV remote that is right in front of her on the table. I mean that’s just stupid.

I use to like that women but now I just want to hurt her. I mean, she can’t go around treating people like that. It’s not fair to no one. It’s bullshit. I hate that about her. She thinks she is God when she isn’t even close.

Chris might still get to come over here tomorrow. I hope. I miss him so much. I love him and I just want to make sure that he gets treated well. I can’t stand to see people I love hurt. You know?

But any who, I guess I will go.

Oh, yeah I made a new error page. Check it out here.

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January 28

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

“Fuck me in the ass standing up!” –Rainbow

I swear right now as I type Ronda is doing drugs with her little friends partying and poor Chris has to sit there and be a part of that shit…

GOD!!! I’m off I am so pissed off right now.

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Have I gone Mad?

January 27

“I’m breaking down, I’m burning up, and it’s not funny like on television” –Less Than Jake

I feel like I am going nuts. Ronda is driving me mad. Everything she does, just drives me insane. She makes me so sick to my stomach. Right now, like 3 other people are moving in. Isn’t there some law that says how many people live in a house at one time. I need a little smilie going mad. It would be cute. All blondes and has no hair because it all feel out do to stress. LMAO

Okay, off to something better…I guess. There is this really cute belly button ring I want from Wal-Mart. It has rainbow balls on both ends. It is so cute.

I am so bored right now…well, mostly worried about Chris. He isn’t picking up his phone and by god, I am worried sick. I have stress bumps all over me…from head to toe. It sucks. All because of his damn mother. BITCH!

I did put up a new layout….You like? I like the more simpler (sp?) look. It makes me feel better as a designer. I played around in gimp until it looked good. I think the image turned out all right.

Today was a snow day:. I was so glad. I didn’t want to got to school today anyway. It seems pointless anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

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Class time

January 24

“We, who have done so much with so little for so long can now do anything with nothing in no time flat” –Unknown

I’m just sitting here in Web Page Design Class and I am bored out of my mind. I have done helped like 4 people because they don’t know much of anything about HTML. I mean I don’t mind helping at all but I even know more then the teacher it seems. Our teacher isn’t that bad. She tries and that’s what matters. I enjoy her class very much. I love Web Pages and designing them. But I wish that she would give me more freedom with them.

Chris and I didn’t go to the ball game Saturday night. We didn’t even feel like it but it came an ice storm and mom couldn’t even get her car doors open. Chris told his mother and she was like well, we don’t feel like getting out either so, just stay there another night. Well, Chris and I was so happy. Then she calls my house around 10 something at night. Talk to Chris if he was a dog and everything else. She made out like I took their PS1. Like I would want it. I have two already. She said if we had it over at my : h o u s e : house that we have had it. Well, let me tell you something, she better watch was she says to me. I am about 2 hairs away from going completely off on her. She hasn’t seen me pissed off yet but I swear one more time she says ANYTHING to me I will go off. She even said I wasn’t allowed to call over there no more. Well, forget that crap. That works both ways. She ISN’T allowed to call my house anymore either. Chris can but not her. That big fat cow.

I am so mad right now….I can’t wait to Chris gets away from her. Because once he does, he won’t have anything else to do with her. Make my word, she will NOT ever see her grandchild if I have anything to say. She won’t see it, touch it or anything. She is a horrible person. She really is.

I can’t wait to be married. To prove to her that Chris and I are meant to be. That the difference between her and Tony and the difference between Chris and I. Is that Chris and I love each other and they are just acting like it. When they are apart they talk trash about each other but when they are together they eat it up. It makes me sick. The way I treat Chris is how I treat him to his face, behind his back or when ever. Because that is what people do when they love each other.

Class is about over…later

PS: I also have a ball game tonight. I will update after the game if I have time.

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*cough* I have seen better days…. *cough*

January 23

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” –Confucius

Just sitting here doing nothing. Drinking Dr. Pepper and hoping for Chris to call me on my cell phone. But Ronda is online right now so, he can’t call me back right now. His cellphone only has like $0.40 cents left on it. Which is really sad… I want to talk to him tonight but it’s okay because he gets to come to my house tomorrow and spend the night.

We have a ball game that night but it’s okay. I have to play my flute at it.

You know what really pisses me off? When people *cough* Ronda *cough* say I have called them a bitch to their face when you know damn well you haven’t. Now, if she wants me to, I can! Because she gives the bitch a bad name. Which is even more worse then…worse…then Goddess I don’t know. It is just bad….

She tried telling Chris I slept with this one guy they moved in. When I know damn well I hadn’t. She is such a fucking liar. That fucking cow. I can’t wait to I can make her eat her words. Nikki wants to come and kick her ass right now. That I would love to see because Nikki is a bad little bitch when she fights. But God, I love her so much. (DnQ)

I am just so tired of her shit. Her lies and her mouth. She doesn’t realize all she is doing is putting her foot in her mouth. I mean all she is doing is digging a hole. What goes around comes around. Lets leave it at that. I use to think she was okay. I mean I didn’t think the world of her but I did have some respect for her. But now, I just feel sorry for her. She is so dumb. You can’t believe all the lies I have cought her in. It pisses me off.

I can handle a lot of shit but once you have lied to me, it’s over. I will never go around you again, I won’t talk to you. I won’t have anything to do with you. But why would I want to? BITCH!!

I got Jenni’s gift in the mail today. I loved it. I got candles and 2 CDs. I got a card and a really pretty candle holder. I have got her a couple things to mail to her now. NOTE TO SELF: Get to post office. I love that girl to death. I need to call her and tell her thanks.

Oh, yeah, I have a new layout up. You like? I love the color purple…can’t you tell? LOL

Anyway, I think it’s about time for me to get going…don’t you think?

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