Have I gone Mad?

“I’m breaking down, I’m burning up, and it’s not funny like on television” –Less Than Jake

I feel like I am going nuts. Ronda is driving me mad. Everything she does, just drives me insane. She makes me so sick to my stomach. Right now, like 3 other people are moving in. Isn’t there some law that says how many people live in a house at one time. I need a little smilie going mad. It would be cute. All blondes and has no hair because it all feel out do to stress. LMAO

Okay, off to something better…I guess. There is this really cute belly button ring I want from Wal-Mart. It has rainbow balls on both ends. It is so cute.

I am so bored right now…well, mostly worried about Chris. He isn’t picking up his phone and by god, I am worried sick. I have stress bumps all over me…from head to toe. It sucks. All because of his damn mother. BITCH!

I did put up a new layout….You like? I like the more simpler (sp?) look. It makes me feel better as a designer. I played around in gimp until it looked good. I think the image turned out all right.

Today was a snow day:. I was so glad. I didn’t want to got to school today anyway. It seems pointless anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.