Class time

“We, who have done so much with so little for so long can now do anything with nothing in no time flat” –Unknown

I’m just sitting here in Web Page Design Class and I am bored out of my mind. I have done helped like 4 people because they don’t know much of anything about HTML. I mean I don’t mind helping at all but I even know more then the teacher it seems. Our teacher isn’t that bad. She tries and that’s what matters. I enjoy her class very much. I love Web Pages and designing them. But I wish that she would give me more freedom with them.

Chris and I didn’t go to the ball game Saturday night. We didn’t even feel like it but it came an ice storm and mom couldn’t even get her car doors open. Chris told his mother and she was like well, we don’t feel like getting out either so, just stay there another night. Well, Chris and I was so happy. Then she calls my house around 10 something at night. Talk to Chris if he was a dog and everything else. She made out like I took their PS1. Like I would want it. I have two already. She said if we had it over at my : h o u s e : house that we have had it. Well, let me tell you something, she better watch was she says to me. I am about 2 hairs away from going completely off on her. She hasn’t seen me pissed off yet but I swear one more time she says ANYTHING to me I will go off. She even said I wasn’t allowed to call over there no more. Well, forget that crap. That works both ways. She ISN’T allowed to call my house anymore either. Chris can but not her. That big fat cow.

I am so mad right now….I can’t wait to Chris gets away from her. Because once he does, he won’t have anything else to do with her. Make my word, she will NOT ever see her grandchild if I have anything to say. She won’t see it, touch it or anything. She is a horrible person. She really is.

I can’t wait to be married. To prove to her that Chris and I are meant to be. That the difference between her and Tony and the difference between Chris and I. Is that Chris and I love each other and they are just acting like it. When they are apart they talk trash about each other but when they are together they eat it up. It makes me sick. The way I treat Chris is how I treat him to his face, behind his back or when ever. Because that is what people do when they love each other.

Class is about over…later

PS: I also have a ball game tonight. I will update after the game if I have time.