80 GB External Hard Drive, BABY!

My father-in-law got me a new external hard drive (80 GB)! Like OMG! I only had a 30 GB hard drive in the first place. I’m in love! :heart: I’m for real! The reason he bought me a new hard drive is because we work out deals for web design. I work on his site for computer stuff or money or whatever at the moment he feels like giving me for work. I can work for computer stuff. Because other wise Keith nor I could buy it. YAY! *does happy Nikki dance*

I go to the doctor today. It has been driving me nuts not know for sure. I mean, I know for sure but I would rather hear it from a doc. My weight at the moment is now 104 lbs and my stomach around is 30 inches. I most likely will start a page for the baby. A page showing my stomach picture once a week, a weight chart and how much my stomach as grown. More for me then anything. I would like to keep up with it. And it would be nice to know this stuff. LOL You know?

I am so sleeply. I got up early today. Well, not to early but still I’m tired. :yawn: Keith has already gone to bed. I don’t think he is on good terms with me right now. I didn’t want to watch a movie with him and he decided to go on to bed. I don’t blame him. I know he is tired too.

After I finish this blog entry I am going to upload a couple things for Chet (my father-in-law) and then I’m off to bed. After I get back from the doctor tomorrow today. I am going to make a new skin, take down the old ones, update my FL and HL because I was stupid and deleted my data bases and I had to restore from the point before I edited them, so yet again I have to go through and edit the links again. I was bright that day and then I have to fix Keith’s site for him and then I have to clean the house. My damn house looks so bad. I just have been putting everything off since Keith had a 4 day weekend. I just would rather spend my time with Keith then do anything.

On the plus side, I was talking to our family and since Keith’s cousin, Rachel’s baby will to old for all his new-born stuff when our baby is born so we can have all of the babys stuff like that. Then my cousins (two just had babies) will have all their stuff. One had a boy and one had a girl. So, either way we are getting some great stuff. YAY!! 😀 I love baby stuff. It’s so cute! I need a baby smilie. Ummm… I’m great!

Is it bad, if I’m falling a sleep at the keyboard? :yawn: Very likely. I’m off. Night *head hits keyboard* :ouch:

6 thoughts on “80 GB External Hard Drive, BABY!

  1. I’d love to see your baby pics on your blog! this made me think of this other blog, dooce, ever read it? This woman had a baby and the blog over the past couple years is from before the baby, through the pregnancy, and now with it. She’s pretty funny, too. You should check it out, http://dooce.com/ .
    Anyways, I’m all excited *crosses her fingers* even if you aren’t pregnant today, you will be soon, so I’m always all excited.
    and woot! 80 GB! SO NICE!!

  2. Hey Rainbow, 🙂

    How awesome you got a new hard drive..that’s super nice of him. Good luck at the doctors..Hope you’re safe and well. Chow!


  3. Hi, thanks for signing my guestbook ! your site is pretty cool too!

    Good luck at the doctors today :heart: I’d love to see a page about your baby! Its going to be a while yet before I have kids but I’m looking forward to it and I love hearing about other people’s!

    That’s cool that you’re going to get loads of second-hand baby stuff. Babies can be so expensive!

  4. Good luck with the doctors.. even though you already went lol. Hope everything went well. I cant wait to hear your test results!

  5. I’m so jealous of your new drive! And the Chrsitine girl that I e-mailed about getting hosted hasn’t got with me yet and it makes me sad! And I need your help with your awesome layouts! You would make me happy and get lots of plugs! Oh yeah, STMH has reached over 44,000 hits. I’m so stoked!

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