Your ass is being banned

I don’t know if many people know this but just about everything you do on my site, your IP is logged. You rate my site; IP logged, sign my guestbook; IP logged. You get where I’m going with this. Well, some people have been making an ass of themselves with rating my site with zero or leaving very rude comments in my guestbook. Now, I just don’t believe someone could think my site sucks that much. You know? Well, people who have been making an ass of themselves has had their IP blocked. Because I have that power! 😉

I thought I would just bring that up. Because I guess some people don’t think that I’m smart enough to block IPs. It’s one of my favorite things EVER! Just kidding! 😀

One thought on “Your ass is being banned

  1. Yer gay omfg.

    Just kidding, I love you. People are stupid, luckily I haven’t gotten any attacked like that on my site. Yet.

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