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My dear old Carmex

April 30

Keith and I got up around 9am went and did all the running but we couldn’t go to H and R Block because they where closed today. Stupid H and R Block!! :grr: We are going Monday since they should be open that day. We have to get our taxes fixed. Well, at least I want to hurry up and get them fixed because we should get a check from $350 to $500 back. Which is good! That means we can give a payment :money: to his dad. Which I know he would be happy about that. πŸ˜€

I ended up taking a long nap today. I slept from 4:30pm to 6:40pm. It felt good to just fall a sleep and not have to wake up to an screaming alarm. I hate alarms with a passion. :yuck: I always want to pick them up and throw them across the room.

I have to get Keith up in a couple hours and I know he isn’t going to want to get up. He never does because he doesn’t want to go to work. Which is normal since I think no one wants to get out of bed and go to work. Work isn’t fun. That’s why I want to get a job doing design, that’s the reason I bought my other domain and started a design site. I would love to wake up everyday knowing that my job was web design. Getting paid to do something I love. How great? I get paid now but I mean making enough money I didn’t have to ask my husband for money. You know? I guess I am rambling. That’s something new. NO! LOL

I still never did find out who nascarred08 was. I almost know for a fact who it is but I would like to know for sure before I get my knickers in a twist. But every time I log on to Yahoo she/he is not signed on, well she/he is sighed on because Yahoo profiles website says she/he is. So, I don’t think she/he realizes that when you add a buddy to Yahoo it lets that person know you added them. So, yeah. 😐

I have a bad feeling about this

April 28

I decided for one reason or another to open Yahoo message a few moments ago and I guess the reason I did was because I was hoping Christina would be on it so I could talk to her but still the same I open it up and find that a user by the name nascarred08 has added me to their buddy list. Ummm . . . not many people have my yahoo messenger name and most people know to use my AIM name because I am most likely to be on there but this isn’t the point. My point is being that the only person I know that uses the words nascar, red, the number 8 and so on are Ronda and Tony (Chris’s mom and step-dad). I really don’t want to start anything with either one of them. I have left her, Tony and Chris alone. I have only talk to Chris once since the shit :poo: hit the fan and I am not about to start more. I want everything to end with her and Tony. I want the past to be the past. πŸ™

I hate the fact that I still have nightmares about Tony. The fact that I wake up almost screaming, in tears and holding on to Keith for dear life. I HATE THAT!! It isn’t fair to me to be scared of a man that I no long have to be around. I just hate even thinking about it.

I better get off that subject before I start to cry and I don’t want to do that. 😐 But anyway, I am just sitting here. I have a few projects to work on. I need to finish working on Chet’s side project on his site, I need to finish editing a few pages for Christina and I have to add an archives page to WP and finish making Jim (our tattoo guy) some business cards. I made me some today for Element Solutions. They look very nice. I was very proud of myself. *shows off big ego* :cute: Oh, yeah another thing I need to add to WP is the spell checker. I suck at spelling which most people that read my blog have noticed. LOL I can’t help it. 😳 I have always sucked at it.

Before I forget, thank you Amanda for willing to help me. I might be emailing you in a few days once I get my book in and start reading it. I would love to work with you. You are the PHP Queen. πŸ˜€ You rock my socks anyway. *hugs*

I guess I better go. I have a lot to do before bed. And Keith and I have a lot to do tomorrow. Go to H and R Block to get our taxes fixed, pick up his check, put it in the bank, go pay house phone bill and the electric bill and then after all that we have to go to Wal-Mart to get food and light bulbs. πŸ’‘ We have a very busy day a head of us and I don’t even fill like getting out :yuck: because it’s all rainy and stuff. Damn weather.

PS: Before I totally forget thank you for all the nice comments on my tattoo. I’m glad everyone likes it. πŸ˜€

YAY! I feel pretty good!

April 26

For one I can’t believe I got WP finally working the way I want it. Everyone was right. It just took time. And I turned my whole site over to PHP. OMG! πŸ˜€ I am so happy about that.

On to real life stuff. Keith and I got more ink the other night. YAY! We traded some video games we didn’t want anymore for ink. LOL I got my ankle worked on some more. Now I have a sun with Keith’s birthday in a bar code on the other side. It looks so good.

I have been very busy today and last night. I got all our paper work in order. We had a ton of bills and stuff like that just laying around every where. I labeled folders and put them in order. I also, picked up all the clothes. Put two baskets away and washed another basket full. I cleaned out Chewie’s cage (our teddy bear hammie) and tonight or tomorrow it is Eggs turn for the cleaning.

Well, I am off for now. I will try to update either tomorrow or the next.

1.5 fixed for the moment!

April 20

I’m going crazy with WordPress. I have finally made a layout that I kind of like. And forget themes. Stupid themes for wordpress. :grr: I am tired of it! I am tired of 1.5. I liked 1.2 better. But maybe that’s me. :ouch:

If anyone has any ideas about what I can do for a layout please feel free to leave a comment. My head hurts and I am very tired of working with WP. LOL I am very lazy with it.

I am off for now. I have to pick up the living room and move Egg (my hammie, the dwarf) to a new cage. A little smaller one. He has this really big cage and I think he would feel more at home in a smaller one.

1.5 finally done

April 19

WOW! I have been editing my WordPress files like crazy. I am almost done. I know, I said I would be back last night and I wasn’t. But opps. Sorry! I don’t know, what else to say. I have a life you know. What’s up with all the questions. DAMN! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, what do you think of the new layout? I still haven’t decided if I like it. I think I will make a new one but with about the same colors. So, all I have to do is redo the image. I think that’s what I will do. Yeah, redo the image. 😐

I took off the word count and added a few new things. Like: browers sniff (Detects web browser type and operating system), and I added, the every other color thing to the comments and umm. . . that’s about it. I thought it was more then that but I guess not. LOL πŸ™‚ I am wanting to turn Crazy–Talk.Org around. Make it look better. The designs seem so childish but I don’t know. I like it for my personal site but I want something like my design site. I want something simple but purple. LOL I don’t know. It’s late and my mind is going in circles. ❓

I have some much to do but so little time, it feels like. I have been waiting to do so much more on the net but it always get away from me. I am weird. Oh, well I guess.