Busy as a bee

I have been so busy. I haven’t had time to update anything. Over the weekend our car breaks down. It is still in the shop. STUPID CAR!! We are driving Judy (Keith’s mom) car which we are happy for. We should get the car back tomorrow. *crosses fingers* We aren’t totally sure what’s wrong with it. 👿 Cars are evil! You know, that right?

I have been working on a new online project. 😀 You will know soon enough. I am almost done with it. It has its on domain. :heart: I really think this project is going to take off. I hope so. I will give the URL as soon as I am done proof reading it and typing everything up. I just have a couple more pages to get done. YAY!

Also, come to find out our taxes was done wrong by H and R block. They told Keith he didn’t have to clam me on the taxes because we didn’t get married until Sept and before that I lived with my mom and dad for over the 6 month limit. Well H and R block told Keith WRONG!! He was suppose. So, now Keith and I was piss scared that we was going to have to pay out more money so we didn’t get in trouble with the IRS. Keith called the IRS 1-800 number and we got it all in order. We should be getting more money back. :money: = 🙂 You know?

Oh by the way, Jennifer, Wal-Mart does give a discount, 10%. Which I would love. I am going to go talk to them in the next week or so. I have been lazy about that. I know I need to but I just keep putting it off.

Well, I have more work to do but I just wanted to update before it got some long that no one came back. I love my visitors.

2 thoughts on “Busy as a bee

  1. cool! 10% discount is nice! Let us know how it goes when you do go talk to them.
    that really sucks, with the car! That’s harsh, I hope it works well when you get it back.
    eeee! I really hope your new project goes well dear!

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