Well, at the moment it’s the butt crack of dawn and I am awake still. :dead: I am trying to stay awake until Keith goes to bed tonight. Which would make me staying up for WAY to long but now when I sleep during the day; I don’t feel like I have slept at all when I wake up. Which means, I’m to use to my husband beside me and I am trying to get where I can go to bed with him. This 4am to 4pm is working out great for him but is killing me. I love my husband and I want to be able to sleep next to him at least once this week. I miss that. :hearts:

We haven’t been a part one night since we moved in together. It kills us to be a part this (12 hours) long. But he is doing it so we can have a home to live in, cellphones, gas, etc. You know the list of bills; the normal.

I am still planing on getting a job. But I haven’t decided where yet. I wouldn’t mind working at Food Lion or Wal-Mart but I really don’t want to work with fast food. I don’t mind cooking for people but people are so rude in fast food. :grumpy: People in those places most of the time want to blame everyone on the new person and then you look worse. I’m not saying that every fast food place is like that but the ones I worked in was. I hated that. I know most people liked working at Wal-Mart. But I don’t know. It could be like that there too. :looksleft: Oh well, I guess. I mean, I won’t know until I start there.

But on to the good stuff, site stuff. 😀 I have edited the great smilies that can be found at Beccary.Com to match this layout. I have taken down all skins but one. I just update a few things here and there. Nothing to big yet. I want to do so much more but I still haven’t decided yet.

I skinned Chet’s site today. I got everything done but changing a few pages over and then I’m done. YAY! It was a lot of hard work but it looks very good! I feel so proud. :balloons:

8 thoughts on “Yawn

  1. I work part-time in a nursing home as a dietary aide and i love it. I make just about 13.00$ an hour and the residents there make it fun.

  2. Go and Apply anywhere that you think would be interesting/fun to work at. Best to start there.. then work your way out to the places you think are just ok … I’m sure you’ll get a good job and enjoy it.

    I have a friend who works at Wal-Mart and she really enjoys it. 🙂

    I cant fall asleep with out my boyfriend beside me now as well, thank goodness we ar emoving intogether soon.

  3. I would hate to work in fast food too. My brother used to work at McDonalds, and he quit after 3 weeks (although, he just doesn’t want to work. lol.) I just hate dealing with customers. They’re assholes and you have to bite your tongue when they’re rude. I couldn’t do that.

    I would hate having to sleep without my husband too. I need to have him there with me or else I just can’t sleep good.

  4. hey! i got your website url from ikissgirls.org. Its good to meet more people on there. i love your site. Everyones good at this stuff now adays

  5. Wal*mart could be nice. Do you know if you get discounts there or anything if you work there? Prolly not, but it’d be nice, heh.
    I hope your sleep schedule gets worked out!
    I’m glad his new job is working out for him, too.
    The site looks nice, as always, great smilies!

  6. One of the reasons I hate my current job is having to deal with joe public- they’re just so damn rude *sigh*
    lock me in a dark room for 8 hours and let me be alone to get one with my work and i’d be happy LOL

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