It’s hammer time . . . Zzz

I am about to past out. I just got done with making Keith breakfast and I have been up for hours it seems. :yawn: I will apologize right now if this entry is random.

I finally added click-able smiles to my admin page in WP. That I am very glad of. I had them in 1.2 but when I upgraded I forgot to add them back but I finally got around to doing that tonight. I also, just added 10 smiles in the comment area. I mean, all smiles will work in the comments but you only have 10 to click on. πŸ˜€ I didn’t like having all of them in a row.

I think we are going to have baby mice within the next month or so because I seen our little pets “hugging” a few days ago. I can’t wait. We can pick these little guys up around day 5 or so and after day 10 we have to pick them up every day so they can become tame. I know it will be a lot of work but very rewarding. :hearts:

3 thoughts on “It’s hammer time . . . Zzz

  1. Go get some sleep!!!

    awww, little baby mice :heart: How cute! Our birds are forever going at it, but we took their nest out, because they kept killing their eggs. At least you won’t have that problem with the mice πŸ™‚

  2. Baby animals are so cute. Especially dogs, cats, mice, etc. Their faces are so ugly, they’re cute. πŸ™‚ Mice don’t eat their own babies, do they? That’d be sad πŸ™

  3. Aww, baby mice are SO cute! Like Amanda said, I hope they don’t eat the babies… I don’t know if they do or not. Anyway, what a sweetie you are, cooking your hubby brekky! πŸ™‚ :heart:

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