What the . . .

I have such a headache. :ouch: I don’t know what the problem is. Maybe I need more Coca-Cola. I love that stuff. :yummy:

I have been working on a few things around here on the domain. I have been adding little cute web icons and such. I am pissed about one matter. I got an email from my domain about how I’m using 80% of my bandwidth. I think to myself, CRAZY! No way I am using 4 GB then I look at my last 300 visitors in my cpanel. And 5 different people was linking to my wallpapers. I wrote down the names and changed the image to a big one that said “I’m a bandwidth WHORE. I took this image from crazy–talk.org” and then I moved all wallpapers to a new folder. I deleted all images that people was linking too and moved them to new folders. I also blocked about 6 IPs. I can’t believe people. 👿 I was so mad. I could have killed someone last night.

Poor Nathan, he looked at me and asked “What’s a bandwidth whore?” I didn’t have anything to come back with. Have you ever tried to explain what bandwidth is to someone who knows nothing about the internet but how to check his email. :doh: It wasn’t easy. I tried anyway. He just kind of looked at me and nodded yes. :looksright:

I still haven’t told my parents about my nose ring. I am trying to but every time I start too I think “Not a good time” or “Maybe later”. I just know I am going to forget to tell them and when I see them they are just going to drop their jaw.

Note to self: Most tell parents about nose ring before next visit.

6 thoughts on “What the . . .

  1. People are relentless. But that’s hilarious what is in place of the wallpaper. Bandwidth whore… hehe.

    When I had my tongue pierced, I was terrified to tell my parents. Then one day I asked my Dad what he though about my friend having one, and he said, “Ah, it’s not that bad.” and I said “GOOD! Because I have one!”

  2. Oh yeah.. I wanted to get my nose pierced when i was 13.. Mom said No Way! So one day i waited until she left, got a carrot, alcohol and a safety pin and pierced it in our bathroom. She was so angry, but i think she realized it was a losing battle once i did my eyebrows, lip, upper ears, belly button, other nostril…. lol. Out of all the piercings i did, that nostril is the only one still pierced.

  3. ster says:

    dUde, that’s funny (the bandwidth whore i mean). you know, you have to wonder about people like that…i mean, if they’re direct linking, don’t they know that it’s not a good thing? why can’t they just save the freaking images on to their own computers?!

    whatever. i’m glad you took care of it! 😉

  4. Grrowls, some people are just asses. I say karma comes and bites them in the ass.

    I’ve tried to explain things about the internet to a few ignorant peple, but they remain ignorant.
    *sigh* all well. At least you saught a little revenge, right?

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