Locked up car keys

Well, I think at the moment my bandwidth is in order. I can’t believe people sometimes. But still the same I am all good. 🙂 I added 6 new fonts to download and I have been editing little stuff around the domain. Nothing big but still the same stuff has been changed.

I might have another small web design job for the next couple of days. Nothing real big but I am going to be helping out at the Martini-Lounge.Com. She asked for help and I was willing to do it. And it pays. I’m not sure how much but I just like the idea of helping out. :cute: It makes me feel cool. :lmao: Isn’t that great. I am such a big dork.

Tomorrow night . . . well, to night we are eating dinner at one of Keith’s friends house. She invited us over for dinner. I am glad we are finally making friends around here. We have been living here a year on July 7th and we are just now starting to hang out with people. That really makes us sound like losers, doesn’t it? Trust me, we kind of are. *giggles* But we are the cool kind.

Today Keith went to Wal-Mart after work and called me right after he got out of there. He locked his keys in the car. Thank god we have really good neighbors. They took me to Wal-Mart so I didn’t have to walk in this heat there. :sun: I don’t think I would have made it. I swear it has been in the 95ºF – 100ºF here. Damn Kentucky! I don’t know how people that work outside do it in this kind of heat. I send them my prays. It would kill me. :yuck: