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Funeral home

July 27

I want to thank everyone that left/emailed really nice comments to me. It meant a lot. I miss my grandfather so much. It still doesn’t seem real. I sat at the funeral home with a blank face most of the time. I didn’t cry very much but just sat there. Maybe I would feel better if I did just cry but I can’t. I don’t cry very much. The service was very nice. I think my grandfather would have really liked it. He was buried in a white t-shirt, blue jeans and a ballcap. He looked like papaw but in a way he didn’t. It’s hard to really put it in to words.

My brother didn’t even get out of jail for it. Most of the time they will let you out for 72 hours and then make you go back. He didn’t get to even say goodbye. I think it has been almost 3 years since Raymond had seen papaw. :frown: I hate that for my brother. The last time I seen him was father’s day. I didn’t seem that long ago. I remember kissing him on the cheek and telling him I loved him before Keith and I left. 😐

I need to talk about something happier if not I will be sad forever. We finally got our tax check in. We bought ourselves some clothes that we needed very bad. We paid on some bills and we still have money to move in the next month or so. Keith is finally full-time now and everything seems well. We are doing good besides the funeral. Our lives are starting to fall into place. That makes me smile.

Judy took me to the Heath Department again to change birth control. The pills they put me on made me sick. They said it might of been since I’m so small. So, now I am trying this thing called NuvaRing. It looks really neat. I haven’t tried it out yet because I have to wait the Sunday after my period to use it. It is 99.7% effect with perfect use. The same as the pill. This is pretty good. I think. It looks like a rubber band and you have to keep it in for 3 weeks and then take it out the last week (the week of your period). Then I go back each month and get a new one. I think I will like it. All I can do is try, right?

Well, I am off. I have a lot of house cleaning to do. Being away for 3 days, you can really tell. Nathan and Keith did try. Which I am very greatful for.

My grandfather died.

July 24

I won’t be at the computer for a few days. My grandfather passed away. πŸ˜₯

House to myself

July 23

Finally I have the house to myself. I love it. I love my husband and I love Nathan to death but I need me time. :lmao: We haven’t done much here lately. On, the plus side Keith is trying to quit smoking. He is doing pretty good at the moment. I am so happy about this. I hope he stays with it this time. I really do. I want my husband around for as long as possible. :hearts:

Well, Keith just called. He might be getting off work early and he is off work tomorrow. The whole plant is off and the parts he was suppose to run from 12am to 4am aren’t the right length or something like that. Great. The check that rent comes out of is what he is getting paid for doing last week and this weekend. Nathan said he would help us out. Which he always does with rent. I’m glad he does help.

It seems business is picking up a little. I might be helping this one chick with editing the way WordPress looks. And I just got paid for helping out the M-L and I have been getting paid from Chet for a while. πŸ™‚ It’s all good. I know I really enjoy working online. I enjoy it more then any.

We went and talk to the hospital. We give them all of our paper work and now we just have to wait and see what happens. As far as I know she told us we might get up to 50% or more of our hospital bills paid for. That would be so wonderful. Things seem to be getting better. Which I am glad of.

Well, I really want to watch some TV and then after :tv: TV I am going to wash dishes and some clothes. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? No, not really. πŸ˜† BTW, I did get my fried green tomatoes and they was sooo good. :yummy:

Fried Green Tomatoes

July 19

I got a new domain. If you want the link, please leave a comment and I will send it to you. I don’t want some people to get the URL. πŸ™‚ I am great like that. Just about everything is done for the domain but a few pages. WordPress is done and all plugins are done. :yay:

:balloons: Good news, Keith goes full time Monday. YAY!!!! I am so happy. I can’t believe he is finally going full time. We could use the money. But far as that nothing much has been happening.

I have been doing the normal, cleaning house and washing clothes. I am happy about maybe going to see my mother this week. She said if I could up that she will fix me fried green tomatoes. :yummy: I can’t wait. I love them and I haven’t had any this year. Wal-Mart doesn’t see then either.

Missing him.

July 16

I have spent my lovely Friday night sitting at home doing nothing but watching the tv. Keith is at work. I am so glad he is off work this weekend. We get to have US time. I miss him so much. I think I realize how long he really is gone during work hours now because well, I’m a wake during those hours now. :frown:

I am now a moderator over at eXPOSURE. It’s pretty cool. I have spend about two hours just trying to knock down some of the pending members. I haven’t knocked down many but I am trying. I also filled out a form over at the Martini Lounge to become a webmaster. I hope I get the position. About 5 positions are open so I have a chance. *crosses fingers* I would really like to start making a little more money :money: from web design. I think I am doing pretty good but I also know I could do so much better. πŸ™‚ I have dreams too, you know? :lmao:

I called the hospital today to find out how much money we are going to have to fork out. Guess the total? Just guess. Your answer: $1,292.62. Yeah. :wow: That’s all I got. Is Wow. I mean, how are we going to pay that. I can’t believe how much health care is now. We go Wednesday to talk to someone in Financial Counseling Department. It’s crazy. They said since Keith has a lower paying job now that we might be able to get some of it payed for. Which would be so nice.

The weather seems to be finally clearing up nicely here. I was so tired of seeing rain. I like the sun. I really do. But on the other coin I know that we needed some rain. Everything was looking so dead. I like the green. I love summer. I really hate that it is going by so fast. It seems it just got this way. Before to long the cold is going to come back. :yuck: