Stupid drama queen

I’m kind of mad at the moment; well, I have been a little mad all day. Reason being: Candice calls me asking if I want to ride with her and Kim to the airport to pick this chick up. I agreed. Today I call Kim asking when we was going to leave and when they was going to pick me up. This was after I had already told Keith had plans and I had already got up, got ready and ate. Kim said she didn’t know I was going and to let her go so she could call Candice to find out all the info. Kim calls me back in a few minutes. “Candice said your not going. She said we might have picked you up if we had time but we didn’t so your not going.” :grr: WTF? I was so mad!!!! It would have been nice to let me know something. :secret: I better stop now before I start typing some really bad words. 😆 (FYI: Kim was not the bad guy. She ended up not going either.)

I guess today has went by fast but that isn’t the point. The point was I had plans which didn’t matter. (NOTE: They did to me. You know?) I think one reason Candice said that was because she is such a drama queen. Everyone knows it. If drama isn’t going on then “Oh, no the world is coming to an end”. Man, it just makes me mad to be around people like that. I really wanted to try to be friends with her again. I really was trying. Keith asked me to stop talking to her. He said drama gives him a headache and he doesn’t feel like hearing it. I don’t blame him at all. My head hurts from just thinking about what happen today. Stupid drama queen. That made me feel better. *giggles* :cute:

On a brighter note Keith :hearts: gets off work at 11:30 tonight. YAY! This makes me happy. I get to see my baby hours before normally he wouldn’t even be getting off work. The reason why he got off work early was because today was just overtime for him. He had to only had to work for 8 1/2 hours not the norm 12 hours. I know he will be glad as well. He didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Nor did I! It felt so good.

4 thoughts on “Stupid drama queen

  1. When more than one person asks me if I want to do something with them, I’ve learned to tell them to call me back after I think about it. I’m the last in my group of friends to know what’s going on. My friend Tina isn’t the brigtest in the world, either, so that doesn’t make things easier for anyone else, since half the time she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Mind if I rant? Heh. I had to get this one thing through her thick skull the other night. I’m happy to hear that Keith is getting off early tonight. I can’t wait until Jameson comes so I can catch up with him. (I know it’s not nearly the same since the two of you are married and live together, but it certainly feels like it’d feel the same.)

  2. That is very inconsiderate of them of asking and then saying “oh you can’t go.” Especially when you arrange your whole day for this. I know people that like to stir up drama and that’s all they do. I know one person that is completely two faced, you’re friend to your face, and in any moment she can stir up any drama she will throw you out to the wolves. It’s quite sickening. 👿

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