Poor Egg

I feel so sad. 😥 Our hamster Egg past away last night. We knew it was going to happen. He was a very old dwarf hamster. He was black when we got him and he has been slowly turning gray over the past few months. The past couple of days he has been slowly not moving as much and his breathing was getting slower. But on the other note, I know he was very well taken care of and his life with us was a very happy one. Plus his life lives on; he had one baby from about a year ago and 4 3 (one of the babies died) new ones that was born last week. This is a nice thought. Knowing he will live on. I kind of makes me smile a little. I might try to add some pictures to the image gallery of all the hamsters we have.

Keith and I have been hanging out with another couple the past few days. This has been very refreshing. The couple is great. They act a lot like us and are just cool people to be around. They both are night people. Which is great for me and Keith. The couples name’s are Jeremiah and Lee. Lee is 18 and Jeremiah is 24. They are about our age as well. 🙂 Great.

Keith's work week. I’m hoping to get a job at a dry cleaners like a half a block away from our house. They have a sign out front for part-time help. Hours 3pm-5pm Mon-Fri and Sat. 8am-11am. I have already turned in my paper work. That is just what I’m looking for a few hours every day and I would still be able to stay up late and work when I got home. I have to be able to find something that I can walk to because I don’t have a ride. Like I said many times before Keith works a 4 star. Which means 12 hour shifts and he works a 3 to 4 days a week and it changes each week. As you can see with the picture I made. 😛

But on the other hand, Lee wants me to come work with her at Wal-Mart because she works there for one and two I would have a ride. That would be neat. I might try to fill out the paper work again and see. You never know. But I like the idea of the dry cleaners better because I know I can walk there and just a few hours like I want.

I forgot to add this but just thought of it. Read it and then tell me how freaky it is.

Scientists have successfully reanimated dogs after three hours of clinical death. The folks at the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research drained the canines’ veins of blood and filled them up with an ice-cold salt solution. The hounds were declared dead, but their tissues and organs were preserved. Three hours later, the researchers replaced the blood and jolted the pooches back to life with an electric shock. Tests showed they were perfectly normal, with no brain damage. The idea is that the macabre technique could one day help save human lives. “The results are stunning. I think in 10 years we will be able to prevent death in a certain segment of (patients) using this technology,” said one U.S. battlefield doctor.

8 thoughts on “Poor Egg

  1. aww sorry to hear about your hamster, but like you said, at least he’s left behind some family members!!!
    the dry cleaners sounds like a good place to work, your not likely to get screaming lil’ kids coming in like Walmart.

  2. so bad to hear that ur poor little hamster died :cry:. Luv ur baby hamster take care of it.
    good luck hope u’ll get that cool job.

  3. Pets dying is never fun. It’s sucks that he’s gone but at least he’s left a part of himself behind so he won’t be forgotten. What kind of hampster was he?

  4. Aww, my cousin’s hamster died recently as well. Pets are part of the family and it really IS painful. In time, wounds will heal.

  5. Sorry to hear about Egg 🙁 My kitty died a long time ago, and that was hard on me. I got a new cat, but that doesn’t make up for it. Keith’s schedule doesn’t look too bad, at least it’s not completely random. Good luck on getting that job, it sounds fun, different, like something I’d want to do!

  6. That article is really freaky. Testing things like that on dogs are disgusting. Why couldn’t they have used smaller animals like… bugs…?

  7. I’m so sorry about Egg. It’s always hard when pets die. I also heard about that reanimation of dogs. It really scares me. Anyway, cute site! Take care.

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