Never my happy ending

Yet again, nothing works out the way it is suppose too. Every time I care about someone that want to hurt me. I really truly should let this person read all the past entries. It might make them see but that is another story all together. I don’t think will ever know and I am so tired of trying.

I keep trying to update a little at a time. I am working on my father-in-laws site trying to change it over to a new server and what not. Fun, fun. Shouldn’t be that much trouble.

I finally got my hair cut and dyed. It looks pretty good. You can go to my myspace and check out the pictures. 🙂 They rock!! lol

Not much else to report. Just have to be at work a 10am and I don’t see myself going to bed anytime soon. Can’t sleep. :yuck: I really hate that.

By Jenn

Beautiful, 30 something, geek by choice, happily married for 6+ years, college graduate, perfectly imperfect, blogger, fur mom, music lover! I'm tattooed, pierced & wild at times but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Project 42; the answer to life the universe and everything.

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