Dear Cody,

Dear Cody,

It isn’t that I lied or cheated on you. I never did anything to hurt you on purpose. I do miss you. I miss things about you. I don’t miss how in the end how we treated each other. In the end, it was bad. The start was great. But over all, it wasn’t bad either. We both are at points in our lives that are making us who we are. You have the school thing and friends thing and party thing. This is what your suppose to be doing at your age.

I on the other hand, want a real life, work, a house, kids, a real life. We just can’t see eye to eye. I hope one day we can sit and have tea and laugh about the great times we had and forget the sad. I want you to find someone that makes you truly happy and loves all of you. I want you to work out all angry and just realize love is in the air. Love has always been there.

I know this want have any effect on you. You will still hate me. You will still think I am in the wrong. That I am nothing but a bitch, cunt and whore or slut. I am whatever you think I am. I will never be anything else but that to you.

That is okay. I wish you the best. With time I will forgive you. I will have forgot all the bad and move on to live a very happy life without you. To bad you couldn’t just be friends. You couldn’t just be happy with that. It was all or nothing for you. No middle ground.

Goodbye Cody. Sweet dreams. Goodnight forever.

— Jenn

By Jenn

Beautiful, 30 something, geek by choice, happily married for 6+ years, college graduate, perfectly imperfect, blogger, fur mom, music lover! I'm tattooed, pierced & wild at times but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Project 42; the answer to life the universe and everything.


  1. You are unbelievable….I will never get you. Have fun with your life, I will do the same. Maybe one day we will meet again. Maybe one day I can forgive you. Today is not that day.

  2. Wow. Here you are being nice to him and telling him that you will always keep him in your heart and he’s being an ass. I’m so glad you saw that YOU deserved better. Remember that you deserve the best.

  3. If telling the truth is being a douchebag then fine. It’s not that I don’t love her, it’s not that I am proud of everything that happened and I DO have regrets. No one is perfect, we were toxic for each other and in the end no matter how hard we tried it wasn’t enough. I do wish her the best, every night and every day. I’m an asshole, fine, I really don’t give a shit about what you other bitches think. I loved her, she loved me. It’s over now, one day, like i said, maybe we can have that tea and forgive each other.Like I said today is not that day, neither will tomorrow be, but someday. People change, love changes, I understand that. All I can do is continue with my life. I do wish her the best, I do carry a peice of her in my heart, I always will. If you love someone enough you know when to let them go. That is all I’m doing. That is my peice. nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Jenni, you know I have to reply to this. ^

    Burning shit makes you a douchebag. Things didn’t work out. Be sad about it but accept it and move on. Don’t do things out of spite. Be a man. Also, don’t refer to women as bitches. If supporting a friend makes us bitches, I’d hate to see what you are.

  5. I love it when I make a general statement and someone decides to get his boxers in a bunch!
    You say that you’re moving on then do that and leave her alone and if I’m a bitch in your eyes because I’m supporting someone I love then so be it. You twist everything to suit you anyway.

  6. Sounds like a bunch of drama that should have been left in highschool… Not the blog, but the comments. People breakup, our hearts get broken but that’s life.

  7. Sounds like a bunch of drama that should have been left in highschool… Not the blog, but the comments. People breakup, our hearts get broken but that’s life.

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