Part two: Here is to you, Heather

Part two of the Heather entries. She is being “nice” this time. OMG! I get a myspace message this time. Okay, I can do this.

Look we need to stop this High School bullshit. We are 23 years old and we are acting like we are still kids. Just stop talking about me to everyone cause you don’t even know me. I am being nice this time. It is getting old. So please stop. It is stupid. THANKS. —Heather (myspace)

First, I can tell, someone else wrote it. Most likely a family member. At least good job for placing caps where they belong. *claps* Far as what it says. You are 100% correct as this being high school drama. We are two adults and we are acting around the age of 16. That is fine with me at this times. It keeps me young. lol

Your message on the other hand. I didn’t talk about YOU to anyone until you made yourself known. I had not named any names until YOU made yourself known. YOU are the reason I made sure everyone knew who you was. YOU wanted to be known. So, I made YOU known. What is so bad about that?

Far as the rest of the message, you are being “nice” this time. Excuse me, really? Really, now? You are killing me. For real, just stop. What happens when your bad? Going to smoke some more and get more tattoos? Just wondering when the fun stops and you take responsibilities for your actions and realize you are having a child or if you really are. Step up to become a better person. This is your chance. Stop all the stupid parting and do the right thing. OMG! I can’t believe you can be so stupid. I mean, really.

I was looking so forward to this “gift” you spoke of in one of your last comments. Damn! Damn! Now do I not get it? That would upset me so.

PS: You can stop of this, really. Just drop off the face of the earth. Then, I do believe I can finally be happy to the ending of all this. Other wise, write what you want, do what you want and say what you want. This is a free land, for at least a little while, well, over 200 years and still going.


3 thoughts on “Part two: Here is to you, Heather

  1. [quote comment=”7192″]roflmfao![/quote]

    I know, right!?! It cracks my shit up as well. 🙂 Love me or hate me. I am great.

  2. It’s so annoying when people grow up in age but not in mentality. There was a girl on the bus tonight with her two young kids and this other guy gets on the bus. She starts cussing at this guy because he apparently gave her number out to this other girl who is a “bitch”. It’s one thing to be really loud and annoying on the bus when everyone can hear you, but it really bothers me when she is swearing in front of children. No wonder kids grow up bad now.

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