Oh, reseller. . .

I have been buying a reseller hosting account for sometime. Mainly because I have way to many domains not to. It’s truly cheaper on me. But when I started I didn’t have but a couple domains so I made each an account placed them on a package and so on. But the last couple of days I have been thinking. . .Why not move over everything to the hosting domain. And just park everything. No need to worry about each one’s bandwidth or package size.

Another thing I was thinking was maybe ofter free hosting. If you have your own domain. . .I know they are so many out there. Not sure yet on that one. But anyway. If you see any errors this is why.

Everything is being moved around.

Only have three, maybe 3 more domains to move. But so many databases that are not lining up. So, it is taking more time then normal. Hope to have it working soon enough. 😀

2 thoughts on “Oh, reseller. . .

  1. Hey!! Sorry its been so long, I’m finally out of my finals-prep-cave. But man, reseller hosting…I’ve always wanted to own so many domains and DO so many things online to need to use some huge package of hosting. Then again, I already struggle enough to keep up with my one measly blog. =P Where do you get your hosting from? I might want to take you up on that hosting offer – it doesn’t even have to be free, but it would depend on the price. =]

  2. I actually don’t even know what a reseller is xD I’m pretty beginner when it comes to domain business and shiz xD G’luck w/ it all though 🙂

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