Chyrp, what to do with you?

I have talked about so many times before how much I really really like Chyrp. It’s simple, fast. Easy to include content. Easy to write pages. You can even edit blog entries right from the entry itself. A very nice feature. I can add anything from a quote, chat, link, photo or page with so much easy. It is so close to Tumblr. It is kind of scary but it an awesome good way. Since Tumblr is so slow.

But I have a hidden hate for Chyrp. The only reason if I do change would be this one thing. So simple. See Chyrp uses PHP and Twig to write their code. I hear this is to make it more secure. Which is most likely the case. But since this is the case. I can’t seem to include any php scripts into it. Which makes it hard for me as a personal web site owner.

I would like to use Rose’s simple blogroll script. This being said, I would love to use Jem’s Bellabuzz and maybe her Bellabook. I would also, like to use Hannah’s Domainish. Which all are awesome scripts that could really make my site start to come together a little more. Simple things I like and what.

I keep trying to talk and ask questions on Chyrp’s Support forums. They don’t really have the answers I need. And I don’t have enough PHP knowledge yet to know where to even start. They have a mode for Chyrp called Snippets. Which is suppose to allow you to add a very simple PHP file into a page or the theme. I don’t have any php that is simple enough to even use this feature.

I feel so lost about this. I love Chyrp. I would use Habari but I can only find a WP uploader and I can’t seem to get my Chyrp entries ported over. I would even settle for a RSS porter for Habari. I don’t mind re-tagging everything but I will not copy and paste all these entries over. Done that once before with WP. Not again. . .to much work. And I be damned if I am going to start over.

One thought on “Chyrp, what to do with you?

  1. Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes we have awkward situations and it’s a little weird. I hate feeling out of place in my own home but I guess it should make me slightly more tolerant… perhaps, lol.
    I’m looking for a flat with just one of my friends for next year though. I know that I can live with her without arguments and things so hopefully that’ll be easier.

    That sounds like a pain with Chyrp. Hopefully they’ll get back to you soon though with some help. Perhaps they’ll realise soon that more people want to include PHP scripts and codes and do something about it. 🙂

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