I have become comfortably numb

January 3

Okay. Here I am another blog. Another move. This is a new year. Here is to a great start. Hopefully. I am releasing this site today, well more like tonight. I haven’t finished moving over all the entries and comments but I do have all of Decembers of 2009. I think all the comments for that month is updated but not sure yet. Going back over that once I have finished this entry.

I have moved back over from Chyrp to WordPress. A sad day. I still love Chyrp and if I have another project that Chyrp can handle I will use it but at this time. It did have to many bugs and not enough modes to really make me stay. I couldn’t use the scripts I wanted to nor could I really edit them enough to work with out trying to have two different layouts made. Crazy. But I am happy with WordPress at the moment. Will see how long that will last.

This morning Branda and Micki came over to see Cody for a bit just to kind of say their goodbyes. πŸ™ Which was good for Cody. His little brothers spent two nights with us. He has spent a lot of time with them. Tonight is Cody’s last night at the house. Tomorrow at 11am he leaves for basic and AIT. Which will be around 6 months he will be gone. I am super sad about it. Nothing I can do but wait. I love him so much. This will just make us stronger. It feels like the last month went by super fast and now the next 6 months will drag along because well, that is how it works. When you want time to hurry up, it goes even slower.

Then Wednesday I start my first day of work. I am so nervous about starting work again. I am sure I will do just fine but regardless I have to go. lol πŸ˜€ I think I will enjoy working again. Plus, it is day shift. Which will be amazing. Every job I have had in the past 5 years has been either mostly all nights or all nights.

I need to go return comments and go post comments on a few blogs. Trying to get my new URL out there. Time to go be busy. Plus, I am downloading some older movies so Cody and I can watch them and cuddle a bit before tomorrow. πŸ™

Chyrp, what to do with you?

December 14

I have talked about so many times before how much I really really like Chyrp. It’s simple, fast. Easy to include content. Easy to write pages. You can even edit blog entries right from the entry itself. A very nice feature. I can add anything from a quote, chat, link, photo or page with so much easy. It is so close to Tumblr. It is kind of scary but it an awesome good way. Since Tumblr is so slow.

But I have a hidden hate for Chyrp. The only reason if I do change would be this one thing. So simple. See Chyrp uses PHP and Twig to write their code. I hear this is to make it more secure. Which is most likely the case. But since this is the case. I can’t seem to include any php scripts into it. Which makes it hard for me as a personal web site owner.

I would like to use Rose’s simple blogroll script. This being said, I would love to use Jem’s Bellabuzz and maybe her Bellabook. I would also, like to use Hannah’s Domainish. Which all are awesome scripts that could really make my site start to come together a little more. Simple things I like and what.

I keep trying to talk and ask questions on Chyrp’s Support forums. They don’t really have the answers I need. And I don’t have enough PHP knowledge yet to know where to even start. They have a mode for Chyrp called Snippets. Which is suppose to allow you to add a very simple PHP file into a page or the theme. I don’t have any php that is simple enough to even use this feature.

I feel so lost about this. I love Chyrp. I would use Habari but I can only find a WP uploader and I can’t seem to get my Chyrp entries ported over. I would even settle for a RSS porter for Habari. I don’t mind re-tagging everything but I will not copy and paste all these entries over. Done that once before with WP. Not again. . .to much work. And I be damned if I am going to start over.

CMS / blog systems

December 1

I have been trying out some great blog systems lately trying to find the right one. I wanted to find a great CMS for me that would be easy to custom and easy to write pages/entries. I want little features because I don’t use them. I wanted some basic features, such as theme switching in admin, gravatar and tags/categories. The list goes:

Chyrp: Which I am using now. I love. It is tumblr style blogging system. I like it because it is so simple and does what I want. Easy to design.

Frog: Is a simple blogging system that kind of reminds me of Chyrp with a little less features. If you want to post entries and pages. Then you might like it but it didn’t seem easy enough for me to style.

Pixie: Yet another simple blogging system. Was a little easier to work with then frog but still hard to style. Maybe if I had played with a little longer I would have liked it.

WordPress: Everyone has used WP that has had a blog. I would use it for a client because it is so easy. I think WP tag line should be: “So easy even a cave man can do it!”. I’m not hating on WP users. I used it for years. Before that it’s little brother B2. WP has tons of features. Maybe to many for me. So, WP is for anyone that has access to a host. lol

ExpressionEngine: Seems as if it has tons of features but to many. I do like simple and felt heavy like WP. Great system to try.

Habari: I really like the simple but I won’t use it do to I can’t import my Chryp entries. It only has an importer for WP. Which is great if you have had a WP but not even a RSS importer. So sad. Great system.

Textpattern: Is another great system. Had a lot of features but maybe to many again. I liked it but styling was a bit more then I wanted.

I had tried out more but I had already deleted them so I can’t really post about them. Since I can’t even remember which ones I had played with at this point after so many.

So, in the end I have decided to stick with Chyrp. πŸ™‚ Simple, light weight, and easy to style. Over all a great system and can’t wait for more features to come or get updated.

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Beam me up taco

November 22

Huh? Yeah, I know odd title. I seen this very odd youtube video when a taco beaming up stick guys. Totally funny! πŸ™‚ I have a couple ideas for layouts. I need to work on my portfolio layout and get it up. I keep putting that off and I don’t need too.

I need to install Chyrp 2.1 for Cammie on Cammie.Me. I tried out a few different blog/cms over the weekend. Of course, WordPress, then ExpressionEngine 1.6.8, Harbi, Frog, Textpattern and I have been playing around with Chyrp for a few months. I think at this time I am sticking with Chyrp. Maybe Harbi for Cammie but not sure. We will need to talk about it.

Almost time for The Simpsons and Family Guy. :yay:

EDIT: Harbi just released a new version. Going to go play with it. Maybe I will like it. Not sure. . . πŸ™‚

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