Beam me up taco

Huh? Yeah, I know odd title. I seen this very odd youtube video when a taco beaming up stick guys. Totally funny! 🙂 I have a couple ideas for layouts. I need to work on my portfolio layout and get it up. I keep putting that off and I don’t need too.

I need to install Chyrp 2.1 for Cammie on Cammie.Me. I tried out a few different blog/cms over the weekend. Of course, WordPress, then ExpressionEngine 1.6.8, Harbi, Frog, Textpattern and I have been playing around with Chyrp for a few months. I think at this time I am sticking with Chyrp. Maybe Harbi for Cammie but not sure. We will need to talk about it.

Almost time for The Simpsons and Family Guy. :yay:

EDIT: Harbi just released a new version. Going to go play with it. Maybe I will like it. Not sure. . . 🙂