CMS / blog systems

I have been trying out some great blog systems lately trying to find the right one. I wanted to find a great CMS for me that would be easy to custom and easy to write pages/entries. I want little features because I don’t use them. I wanted some basic features, such as theme switching in admin, gravatar and tags/categories. The list goes:

Chyrp: Which I am using now. I love. It is tumblr style blogging system. I like it because it is so simple and does what I want. Easy to design.

Frog: Is a simple blogging system that kind of reminds me of Chyrp with a little less features. If you want to post entries and pages. Then you might like it but it didn’t seem easy enough for me to style.

Pixie: Yet another simple blogging system. Was a little easier to work with then frog but still hard to style. Maybe if I had played with a little longer I would have liked it.

WordPress: Everyone has used WP that has had a blog. I would use it for a client because it is so easy. I think WP tag line should be: “So easy even a cave man can do it!”. I’m not hating on WP users. I used it for years. Before that it’s little brother B2. WP has tons of features. Maybe to many for me. So, WP is for anyone that has access to a host. lol

ExpressionEngine: Seems as if it has tons of features but to many. I do like simple and felt heavy like WP. Great system to try.

Habari: I really like the simple but I won’t use it do to I can’t import my Chryp entries. It only has an importer for WP. Which is great if you have had a WP but not even a RSS importer. So sad. Great system.

Textpattern: Is another great system. Had a lot of features but maybe to many again. I liked it but styling was a bit more then I wanted.

I had tried out more but I had already deleted them so I can’t really post about them. Since I can’t even remember which ones I had played with at this point after so many.

So, in the end I have decided to stick with Chyrp. 🙂 Simple, light weight, and easy to style. Over all a great system and can’t wait for more features to come or get updated.