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If I didn’t

January 27

Have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. I swear by this. I never have good luck. This morning before work I found another leak in my bathroom pipes under the trailer. OMG! For real, how unlucky can I be. They didn’t freeze they just broke. WTF?

I only worked a half day today so I could get home to help my dad. Dad was already done by the time I got done. Tomorrow I might have water. As long as it isn’t nine days again I think I will be okay.

And now a winter storm is suppose to hit tomorrow. I am picking up my other four hours I missed of work tomorrow. So, I hope it doesn’t hit until after I get home. Mom and I went to the store today. Got some food, snacks and bottled water. I am so mad I had to buy water. I already pay a water bill. It sucks but I do need drinking water.

Dad came over last night for a couple of hours. We sat around listening to old music and me putting that said music on his MP3 player. Always fun.

Sleep, what’s that?

January 26

I miss sleep. I mean, I sleep every night but I always wake up at 2:30ish am every night. No matter what I take to sleep. I am trying an herb called melatonin. It is suppose to help you sleep. I have some sleep aids I got from the Dollar Store. They work but I am so scared of getting addiction to them. It happens so quickly with sleeping aids. So, natural it is for now. Or maybe a little of both.

I am sure once Cody gets home I will be able to sleep like a rock. I always sleep so good beside him. Well, it is time to go cuddle with the cats. I just wanted to post while I had a chance.

PS: Thanks again for the comment about the new layout, Jenn and Cammie.

Looking good

January 25

I got to talk to Cody twice today. It makes my day when I can talk to him. I wait all week just for Sunday so I can hear his voice. No matter how long the call is five minutes or ten minutes. I don’t care as long as I get to hear how much he loves me!

But on to what I wanted to post about. A new layout!! Let me know what you think. I still want to edit the sidebar a bit. I love it. The colors are from this palette. I really like how it came together. I took my inspiration from Icupcake.Org and DearAgony.Org.

Anyway, I need to finish getting ready for bed. Clean up from my lonely dinner. Then I think I might watch part of the Tin Man.

A new chapter

January 22

I finally have water. I was without for 9 days but living so close to family really helped out. Dad was amazing on helping me get it fixed and running. I had to wait so long not because of my father but because the weather wouldn’t warm up. But it has finally! 😀

Raymond has been gone for a week tomorrow. He hasn’t called or anything. Very odd. You think you would want to know why you are kicked out but he didn’t care. He kept bumming off other people without missing a beat. He is great like that. Don’t get me wrong. I love my brother but I can only take so much. He had been living with me almost a year and still no a temp to find a job. Jobs don’t get up and fall into your lap. Promise. You do have to go looking.. .dang.

Far as that. Thank you all for all the wonderful comments on the past couple of entries. I like to hear from army wives and people that have dealt with long distance relationships before. It helps me feel less alone.

I hate being without Cody by my side. He has been such a big part of my life for so long and to think he is having to deal with something so hard like basic training a lone hurts me, scares me. We always deal with our problems together. Facing them head on. Him having to do this a lone is so depressing. But I know in the back of his mind he is worrying about me right now dealing with all the bills, taking care of the house like pipes freezing and our heater messing up and things like that. I know scares him too. I guess this is just another chapter in our lives that we have to face a lone but together if that makes any sense at all. I know most of these feelings are normal and theses fears are normal. I keep telling myself that.

It’s crazy but I have these little things that make me feel so close to him. Like, I check the weather where he is or every night no matter what I always say “good night, sweet dreams. I love you.” or I wake up at least 2 or 3 times a night feeling for him. Or I almost expect him to be at the house waiting for me when I get off work. Which is kind of depressing when he isn’t but I know once these 27 weeks (10 weeks at basic & 17 weeks at AIT) are over we are going to be so close and finally plan our wedding and honeymoon.

WOW, when I read over that and look at 27 weeks. . .I cry a little because that is FOREVER! January has been going by pretty quick. I hope the rest of the months will too.

I need to get off the internet and stop watching TV. I have a love letter to write to my baby. Those brighten our day. I can’t wait till Sunday. I will cross fingers get another phone call. To hear his voice. To hear how much he loves me. . .makes my week.

So much drama

January 16

I am so sick and tired of the drama. My dad did come and fix my pipes. Raymond came and kind of helped. Dad finished the rest of the pipes today without him. We are waiting 24 hours for all the glue to dry on the pipes. So. hopefully I have water by Sunday afternoon. I miss water. I hate taking showers at other people’s houses. It sucks.

I kicked Raymond out last night. I am so sick and tired of the drama he brings in to my house. I can’t trust him with a key because I don’t know who he would have at my house. I can’t trust him here while I am at work because yet again I don’t know who will be in my house. He eats his weight in food weekly. He has 5 kids and 4 baby mama’s. I am just sick and tired of it all. He fights with them. Leaves them, then makes up long enough from them to pay his child support then he leaves again. He doesn’t work. It is like pulling teeth for him to even wash dishes. I work. I’m not here most of the time. WTF? But anyway, enough with my brother drama. I have put a stop to it.

Meadow is spending the night with me. You never realize how simple life is until you hang out with a 9 year old. Time to lay in bed. Watching Hancock and heading to bed. 😀